BCM361 - Mob battle, low checkpoint via drop method

(3:20) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Here's a short tutorial on getting a lower checkpoint for your mob battle, letting you get into the action faster. It's something I cottoned on to when nearing completion of another movie (coming next), so it made sense to do this tutorial first. Gratuitous carnage included!

Released June 2nd 2019, gameplay recorded June 1st 2019.


00:02 (Ascent method) Here's an example of what has been my usual method of checkpointing, seen in various movies including the first, BCM346. You just ascend until the checkpoint comes - basically when the game considers the level of enemy threat low enough (that's how I interpret it anyway). But you tend to end up around bridge height, which means that each time you start a battle, you've got quite a bit of falling to do. Not ideal.

00:59 (Drop method) Now the new method. Get up around bridge height, firing to maintain the checkpoint delay, then stop firing and drop. This way you can get the checkpoint around ledge height, which lets you get into action faster. It also helps that you've got downwards speed (although, you do also have the option of cutting your speed just before getting the checkpoint). When you get high the covies lose track of you. When you then drop, they're still unaware of you for a while, and I think that's why you can get the checkpoint.

02:06 (Another example) This second example is just to highlight that if your first try fails, you can just try again. Here I get spotted by a Jackal, which I assume is what prevented me getting the checkpoint. I got spotted slightly too soon. Nice chain reaction in the ensuing carnage! Plus I tagged the Ghost pilot and he went flying.

Closing remarks The drop method has actually featured in one of my movies already, namely in BCM356, showing how to set up with an active Wraith. But at that time I hadn't named it or recognized its general utility. It was only something I was doing with an active Wraith, because I was having to initially fly high to avoid it spotting me. I only woke up to its general utility a few days ago while working on a movie about getting Hunters into the battle. That movie is almost ready to roll but I paused the work to cover this checkpointing method first, because that's what I'm planning to use at the end.