BCM363 - Mob battle with two Hunters, x6

(6:33) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Following on from the last movie, here are six plays of the mob battle set-up created, featuring two Hunters (and, as it turned out by chance, four red Elites). I have six Marines in support, and use various weaponry.

Released June 9th 2019, gameplay recorded June 2nd-8th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Pistol & needler) For openers I use my pistol and needler. You get to see the four red Elites pretty clearly. When it comes to the third, he's rather resistant to my pistol fire but then a frag takes down his shield, and also that of his buddy - and then I finish both of them with headshots.

01:20 (Play 2 - Plasma combo) Around 1:45 I throw a frag at the final Elite and start to charge in. Unfortunately the blast also detonates some loose plasmas which badly damage me, but I continue and pull off a cheeky move, tagging him then doing a blind dodge of his swipe. Not safe at all, but quite amusing. The other highlight comes a few seconds later when I frag two Jackals and a Marine goes "Boom!"

02:21 (Play 3 - Banshee) At the start of this play I kill the Elites one after another in successive passes. Around 3:00 there's a Grunt doing some unusual twitching before I put him out of his misery. At the end, I'm just a touch late to stop a Grunt tagging a Marine.

03:22 (Play 4 - Sniping) Nothing but sniping and grenades this time. Three Elites get shot out of their Ghosts in quick succession, after which I take down the Hunters.

04:21 (Play 5 - Shade plateau) Nice tag of the Ghost pilot early on. I wasn't aiming for him, I just got lucky. My positioning gets most of the covies heading behind the plateau, resulting in an enjoyable second phase of the battle. It's just one example of how you can influence covies with your positioning, to shape the battle dynamics.

05:37 (Play 6 - Rockets) Rockets to end. I take out the charging Hunters with a single blast, then blast a Ghost just after it gets boarded; and as a bonus, the wreckage sails through the air and lands on an Elite. There's another nice rocket around 6:10, which kills four of the five Jackals.

Closing remarks It was nice to finally get a set-up with four red Elites at last. Before that, I wasn't sure if it was even possible, on Heroic.