BCM368 - Security shaft fun with a manned hog

(7:20) Level 4 ('The Silent Cartographer') on Heroic. It seemed selfish to have all the security shaft fun for myself, so I brought Stacker and another guy along in a hog to add a little excitement to their lives. Maybe they wished they'd stayed on the beach though. Highlights include embedding the hog in a platform, and making a descent via hog (which I expect you can do on NTSC/PC too).

Released July 18th 2019, gameplay recorded July 15th-16th 2019.


00:02 (Setting up) In this set-up routine I again exploit the final Hunter as a way of checkpointing. He needs to be neutralized to let you to get the Warthog past the obstruction without being blasted, but that's easy. Just get him into a side area, where a purple box impedes him from returning to the open. There's a blockage for the hog to get past but you can back over it. After that, it's just a matter of squeezing through to the balcony, getting positioned, and killing the Hunter to get the delayed checkpoint at the hog. Notice that I've got a pristine overshield. A good thing to have, though you don't need to have an overshield at all. I also recommend a rocket launcher.

01:41 (The fun) What we have now are fifteen plays in which I drive off the balcony in various ways, getting some interesting or amusing results. In this first play (using my most frequent way of driving off, involving right spin), the hog ends up with its belly on the top platform's larger cross-beam. Notice the little balls of dust you get, where the spinning wheels contact the beam.

02:05 Here's one of many times when the aussie comically yelled "That thing on the left, it's the brake!"

02:18 Falling off a corner quite gently - another common departure technique I was using - the hog ends up in rather tough spot. No way to drive out of that. And actually, the hog quickly slips off when the wheels change direction due to the moving view angle.

02:41 Another play involving that cross-beam. This time the hog gets embedded at an angle, a striking situation which is pretty easy to get. In this case the hog ends up being freed by flipping and I'm able to reboard as it starts to fall. Flipping doesn't always free it though.

03:09 Another line you get with that aussie is 'Where'd you get your licence?", such as here.

03:27 Occasionally when the Marines got ejected, they ended up in an amusing stacked arrangement. This was one such case, namely on the first shelf. I sort things out with a plasma grenade though.

04:01 Another case of embedding, but this time the hog falls onto a prong and ends up skewered by it - then slowly slides off. I only got this situation once, despite trying to get it again.

04:22 The aussie brings my driving skills into question yet again, this time with my favourite Marine lines: "Can you see out of that bloody visor?"

04:38 The hog gets embedded in the cross-beam again, but this time in a different way, hanging vertically. From down below I dislodge it with a few rockets though, then tag it as it falls.

05:12 Some of my clips were included for the comedy of the aussie querying my driving, but in this case it's Stacker who has something acerbic to say: "Where the hell d'you learn to drive?" That was pretty unusual.

05:28 This time I use a left-spinning departure. I used that quite a bit, though this has ended up being the only example in the movie. I get another cross-beam embedding but this time the hog doesn't stop (as it did in the 2:41 clip). It briefly swings a bit and works itself through. Amusing!

05:47 Here the Marines spill out onto a prong, with Stacker near the tip. Pretty freaky. I subsequently have a bit of fun with a plasma grenade. I missed the prong with my first throw; I've edited that out for brevity.

06:16 A nice case of mid-air reboarding after getting ejected. I didn't get many cases of this.

06:35 Now here's a novelty. The hog bounces down and deposits myself and the Marines on the holed surface! This is the first and only time that happened in my gameplay for the movie, though there were later a few times when I got down but the Marines didn't.

06:58 To finish, a brief bit of driving around the platform - but I soon overshoot. Whoops!

Closing remarks This activity turned out to be excellent fun and it was easy to get a lot of entertaining footage. It was also pleasing to actually make it down to the holed surface - and with the Marines still alive. I may do a sequel movie sometime, probably with other Marines to get different voicing. I might include some longer plays too. In this movie I mostly used quite short ones as there were so many aspects I wanted to cover.

One interesting aspect not covered, is that the hog can fall straight through a prong. I had a case where it went through two (getting a little slowed each time), but the footage wasn't all that clear so I didn't use it. Maybe I'll show an example another time.

Something I haven't properly explored is the question of getting down in the hog in a relatively controlled way. There might be something you can do along those lines, rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.