BCM374 - Warthog catapulting, scuff ejection fun

(5:34) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. The gunner can also get ejected if the Warthog scuffs the ground when not upright. You can try to do it on purpose but it's not as controllable as the boost ejection business of the previous movie, so it's not so easy to have fun with. But here are some nice examples. Some accidental, some deliberate. I'm using the same set-up again, with Stacker on the chain-gun.

Released August 28th 2019, gameplay recorded August 10th-26th 2019.


00:33 I'll just comment on a select few clips. Nice landing on the plateau here.

01:15 Hitting that far cliff face can kill, but on this occasion Stacker survives and then slides down to settle on the grass. For fun I try to tag him. First throw's a bit long, but the second is right on the mark and pretty amusing.

02:00 Sometimes a scuff sends him high like this. I snipe him for fun.

02:17 Stacker almost settles on top of the tunnel exit, but instead slides down and dies. In later play I was hoping to get an example of him settling on top, which would've been nice, but alas it never happened. It's clearly possible though.

03:06 Stacker ends up in the stream below, and then I have some fun with the Jackal guarding the entrance, dropping a plasma right behind him. BLAM! What a dummy.

03:30 The hog skims along the ground and Stacker is ejected, and left instantly at rest not far from the edge. Somewhat unrealistic, but pretty comical I thought.

03:48 Stacker went into the tunnel quite a few times in the course of my play, and here's a nice example. Slides along most of it, then disappears down the slope.

04:05 After I miss two sniper shots, Stacker bounces off the invisible wall, which featured in some of my movies on Wandering Banshees.

04:22 An amusing mid-air dive; but he's a gonner when he hits the ground.

04:37 An impressive trip! Stacker survives hitting the opposite cliff face and ends up alive at the bottom of the valley. Would've been pretty funny if he'd gone just a little further and slid off the edge eh?

05:10 Stacker gets some major speed and heads across the valley. After sniping him I lower my zoomed view, expecting him to hit the cliff face, but he goes a good deal higher and bounces off the hilltop, to eventually settle on a hilltop beyond. I wish I hadn't sniped him. There's a chance he could've survived the impacts, and it would've been a fine thing to have him alive on that distant hilltop. I later spent quite a bit of time trying to get another such freakish ejection, and this time I wouldn't have sniped him. But he never got the distance again.

Closing remarks Back when I did BCM372 in which Stacker repeatedly goes for an airborne ride on the hog, I deliberately left out any cases where he instead got ejected. I decided to have a separate movie for ejection stuff, because I was getting quite a few amusing examples. Ultimately though, there was way too much ejection material even for one movie. Particularly once I discovered the kick-launching business. So I split things up into separate movies. One for boost ejection fun, and now this one for scuff ejection fun.