BCM378 - Coastal plateau fun, driving on the ledge

(7:35) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. Continuing with the coastal plateau fun, it's time to make use of the Warthog. It gives an easier way of dropping to the coastal ledge, and if you manage to retain the hog, you can then enjoy some excellent scary driving and other fun!

Released September 12th 2019, gameplay recorded September 10th-11th 2019.


00:02 (Getting down using the hog) At the start here, I position the hog for making descent attempts, and wait for the next checkpoint. When I then make the first attempt, you can briefly see dropship 3 in the distance. I make it down and Stacker survives too, but the hog is lost. Descents like this are pretty easy, though not without danger of course, as shown in a subsequent clip.

01:01 (Keeping the hog) But really you want to keep the hog of course, so you can then drive around on the ledge. For this you need to be more careful about how you drive off. The way I found was to get a gentle spin going and land near the highest part of the ledge. Not further down or you'll suffer fall death. It's a bit delicate but not terribly hard. I show a few of my failures here, then my second success. On my first success there was an anomaly, namely that the dropship 4 checkpoint didn't turn up. Not sure why. That was no good for the movie, so I gave up waiting and did more descents instead.

02:03 (Scary driving) Now you can enjoy some scary driving. I do a bit even before getting the dropship 4 checkpoint, because I already had some experience. But once you checkpoint, you can feel more free to let loose and experiment of course. I end up flying off - and likewise on my next drive.

03:50 (Rubble making) I like a bit of rubble making, and the ledge gives you a good opportunity for that, with rubble cascading down the slope.

04:30 (Trying to get yells) Another thing you can do is try to get yells from your passenger (if any), by doing jumps. There was already a yell earlier (see 3:34).

04:50 (Better descent example) My earlier hog descent wasn't optimal as the hog nearly went off. This is a better example. The hog has better rotation and lands facing inwards, making it easier to stop it going off.

05:04 (Using the other side) You can also drive off on the other side as shown, but it seems harder and I kept losing Stacker. Also I sometimes lost health. On the first try here, you can see that I went down to a single bar. I didn't spend a long time on this side though. Maybe it can be done better.

05:34 (Parking) On most of the ledge the hog will slide off if you stop the engine, but parking is possible on the green bit near the waterfall. Very clear dividing line there.

05:59 (Pirouette stunt) A stylish pirouette over the high point. Rather dangerous of course, but fun if you can pull it off! A lesser pirouette was seen earlier around 3:19, but this superior one has an extra 180 degree rotation so I end up facing up the slope.

06:17 (Driving at a Marine) Late in the development of the movie, I had the idea of getting Stacker out and repeatedly making him dive. Turned out to be pretty good fun! If you drop him near the high point as seen here, you can jump the hog over him on your 'return' run. Incidentally, around 6:30 you can see me change direction with an outwards turn rather than my more usual inwards one. It's more dangerous, but the option is there if you care to hone your skill.

07:06 (Comedy end) Just a comedy clip on which to end. Got a good line from Stacker.

Closing remarks When I was planning to do a movie on hog use, I thought this ledge topic was only going to be a part of it, but it turned out to be worth a whole dedicated movie, and a fairly long one at that! Other hog fun will have to wait. Either until the next movie, or maybe I'll leave it for a later date.