BCM383 - Valley heights fun, outer ledge

(6:34) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. From the valley heights you can look down and see a long ledge, at the top of the valley. Something you can have fun with! I also incorporate some mischief with a lonesome Grunt, who made a target I couldn't resist. Incidentally, I'm using PAL Xbox as ever. On NTSC/PC you might not be able to do all the falling seen here.

Released October 16th 2019, gameplay recorded October 14th-16th 2019.


00:02 (Some failures) The ledge was briefly seen in BCM381 around 5:38 but I deliberately didn't comment on it there, as I was anticipating devoting a movie to it if I could get down. Dropping onto it at the far end here didn't seem too promising at first. Here are a couple of typical failed crouch-landings.

00:39 (Success - plus Grunt fun) After not too many tries though, I made it down to the left of where I'd first been trying. There's more of a slope there. In fact, I found that it's fairly routine as long as you crouch-land with good timing. This clip doesn't show my first success, but is instead a later one which has more concise subsequent play (for the sake of the movie). After tagging the Grunt who was dropped earlier, I end up reaching the ground by cushioning off a rock.

02:11 (Overshoot) I said "fairly routine", but there's a danger of going off the edge, such as seen here. In this case I survive though. I close in on the Grunt but get spotted. Eagle-eyed devil! Doesn't stop him getting tagged though.

02:59 (Best place) As I later found, the best place to drop to is further along, where the ledge makes a high peak below. Very easy (on PAL at least). As for the Grunt, my second plasma amusingly bounces off the ground and tags him in the face.

03:45 (Best place again) Moreover, on PAL Xbox you don't even need to crouch as you hit; nor with the rock cushion. Here, I didn't do any crouching (I forget whether I used any in the previous clip). My attack on the Grunt backfires somewhat when I close in for a second tag. I miss and he runs my way. Ouch!

04:09 (Another place) Here's another place you can drop to. Pretty easy but it needs a crouch. I get down using the 'slide', then go on a Grunt hunt, sneaking up and getting around behind him. My first plasma throw was just to get him prowling.

05:44 (Same place again) I drop to the same place but this time use another route to the ground. Quite a nice one, but there are more options too (I haven't tried to be exhaustive). A long-range tag gives the patrolling Grunt a nice send-off, and I snipe him in mid-air too. I'd learnt what approximate elevation to use for the throw, and was deliberately trying to tag him low down so he'd get boosted up.

Closing remarks My last movie took rather long, so I tried to get this one done extra fast to partly compensate. Actually I nearly did a release yesterday; but I'm glad I didn't, as I ended up doing some more recording and replacing some of the existing footage with better.