BCM389 - Warthog catapulting with a dropship

(6:38) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. Early on when doing Warthog catapulting with a dropship, I wondered if I could get bounced onto the small plateau across the gap through which the dropship flies. In fact you can, and it's not too hard though it may take quite a few tries. Here are lots of examples (some with Stacker, some with Johnson), plus some playing around once I get there.

Released November 24th 2019, gameplay recorded November 13th-23rd 2019.


00:02 (Reaching the plateau) Reaching the plateau can take quite a few tries. I show only two comical failures here (there's a lot of other stuff I wanted to squeeze into the movie), then a good crossing. Notice that I first hit the left of the ship and then get bounced up off the rear projection. That's what I was going for.

00:52 (Plateau recreation) You can have a bit of fun from the plateau, and here are ten clips giving examples - particularly of attacking the Grunt that was dropped by the dropship. Bear in mind, I'd got a checkpoint on the plateau first, courtesy of a rockslide dropship spawning, allowing me to repeatedly try some fun. Five of the clips are plays from that checkpoint. The others are plays from other crossings. In the final clip, music associated with the third rockslide dropship begins.

03:45 (More crossings) Beginning ten clips showing more crossings, here's one where the hog gets lost over the edge - which tends to happen quite a bit.

04:07 After bouncing off both sides of the ship's fork, we make it across but we're tumbled out and the hog is lost again.

04:19 A nice neat crossing this time.

04:33 Bailing can be used in getting across, though it's hardly a good tactic. While making the last movie I ended up on the plateau a few times by accident. Here's one such example with a ramp approach.

04:49 Likewise, here's another lucky arrival after bailing, while making the last movie.

05:01 Back to my usual approach now. A fine landing after hitting both sides of the fork. Obtained on November 13th, this was the first time I made the crossing without losing the hog.

05:12 We get tumbled out, but my passengers get the worst of it. All that's left on the plateau is a cyborg.

05:28 A neat crossing with just a single bounce (off the rear projection) - which is unusual.

05:38 Hitting both sides of the fork, the hog is sent high and lands with a crash. Not shown, I subsequently used a few plasmas trying to get it safely clear of the edge, but it went over.

05:53 An unusual spinning crossing off both sides of the fork.

06:04 (Time to clean up) Continuing from that last crossing, I take us down to the valley to take care of the Elite dropped by the dropship (you sometimes get an Elite instead of a Grunt). But there's a chain reaction accident at the end, at the expense of Sergeant Johnson. Whoops!

Closing remarks The first of my "More crossings" clips was from November 13th, and so was the 5:01 crossing (which occurred just several minutes later). The two bailing clips were from the 16th and 17th, but all else is from the 21st-23rd, recorded specifically for the movie. Originally I got to the plateau on the 12th a few times, but I lost the hog and haven't included any of that footage.