BCM391 - Warthog catapulting with a dropship

(5:30) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. As a sequel to the previous instalment BCM390 which involved colliding with a departing Pelican, I now add bailing to the mix, seeing what fun I can manage. Ten clips for bailing early, ten for bailing later. Multiple saves are used, featuring various Marines.

Released December 1st 2019, gameplay recorded November 29th - December 1st 2019.


00:02 (Bailing early) Johnson is on the chain-gun for this first early bailing clip. I swing the hog around for a nice impact with the dropship. Bailing as we hit, I sail high over the Pelican.

00:22 Now it's Stacker's turn to do some screaming. I pass close to the Pelican and tag it.

00:36 This time I get some big air and see the hog tumbling close over the Pelican.

00:51 I don't get much direction here, other than upwards. But I get sight of the Pelican quite a way off and make a quick plasma throw, and it connects. The blast is seen after I'm dead on the ground.

01:07 An unusual dynamic here. The hog is upside-down by the time it hits the dropship. Bailing, I end up on the small plateau while the hog flies off and lands upright with a crash.

01:22 A freaky shunt sends me way out yonder. As I speed away from the Pelican you can hear a Doppler-distorted cry of "The cavalry has arrived" from someone within.

01:37 To get some extra personnel variation I also did some play with a set-up featuring these two guys, one with a bandanna. They feature in five clips. Here I get real close to the Pelican. After tagging it at point-blank range, I still have time to give it a whack with my pistol.

01:53 I sail to considerable height and eventually zoom my sniper rifle for a look at the tumbling hog.

02:09 A late plasma throw connects with the Pelican's tail, and I see the blast before dying and going into a rapid spin.

02:24 After bailing I only get sent up a short way, and thus manage to survive the landing. Meanwhile the hog gets impressively bounced off the Pelican.

02:42 (Bailing later) All my clips so far involved ramping up, but here I approach on the right (there's one other such approach later). Bailing as we near the Pelican, I score a tag on the very tip of the tail, but my second throw falls short which didn't surprise me.

03:03 This time I bail as the hog gently bounces off the top of the Pelican.

03:18 A nice hog bounce off the tail. I bail as we hit, and I get sent upwards.

03:35 The hog skims off the wing and gives me a kick, pushing me far away from the coast. Nice bit of whistling wind at the end, and you can also see the dropship vanish.

03:52 The hog spins off the dropship rather low, which doesn't look promising. But when I bail I get a significant altitude boost, allowing me a relatively easy Pelican tag.

04:07 Bailing near the Pelican, the camera actually goes through (looks like my body remains outside), giving a brief glimpse of the interior.

04:23 A solid hog bounce off the Pelican.

04:40 When I bail from the hog I'm already past the Pelican, and the bail just boosts my speed. No Pelican interaction this time then. But all is not lost! I make a quick throw at the dropship and tag it on the rear.

04:56 After bailing from the hog it gives me a nudge but remains close. On the spur of the moment I tag it, which kills the Marines just before they would've suffered fall-death.

05:10 A Pelican tag to finish off this closing trio of throws.

Closing remarks One thing I tried to do was bail near the Pelican then reboard while the Pelican was underneath, providing support. That's definitely going to be possible; in a Banshee I've done that sort of reboarding trick plenty of times with a dropship in level 5. But I had to give up here. Aside from the difficulty of even getting the hog near the Pelican, part of the trouble is that the hog is usually spinning, which I think will greatly reduce your chance of pulling off the trick.