BCM393 - Seventh room, set-up and three plays

(6:28) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Beginning my movie coverage of the level's seventh room, in which you can have a great deal of fun in so many ways, here's a brief set-up outline followed by three varied plays. Three more coming next!

Released December 15th 2019, gameplay recorded December 11th-14th 2019.


00:02 (Setting up) This may be my shortest ever set-up demo. Clear the passage, gather weapons for maximum flexibility, then get the room spawn checkpoint at the final pillar. Easy. There's more detail in my article if you want it. I end up with my favourite combo in hand: plasma pistol and needler. But all other possible weapons are available in my weapon pile, and there's also an extra needler which I threw beyond the pile, just in case I wanted more needles. It's a shame there's no shotgun available, but never mind.

00:33 (Play 1 - Plasma pistol & needler) Here's a relatively slow and sneaky play for openers, starting by taking out the patrolling Elites with a single plasma. As you can see, I've got two reds in this set-up (the glasshouse has two more and a blue). Using quite a few grenades, I work my way leftwards around the outside before tackling the glasshouse. Missed an attempted tag around 2:02. It went right through the glasshouse and out the other side. Didn't use all that many needles in this play, but they'll get heavier in the next movie.

02:48 (Play 2 - Launcher & AR) After some more sneaky work with the patrolling Elites, I wreak a bit of havoc by firing rockets into the glasshouse, the second one being a ceiling shot which finishes a raging red. From there I go rightwards around the outside, getting in some good AR drilling before bringing out the launcher again. My second rocket there is especially satisfying, wiping out the final Jackals.

04:43 (Play 3 - Launcher & plasma rifle) This time I begin by storming the glasshouse. Pretty risky on Legendary, but it goes well here, with a red Elite tagged early. I don't even lose any health. After that, there's some fun firing rockets down at the ground troops. Especially satisfying with the Jackals and the grunty critters. Incidentally, the "unexpected visitor" was just one of the glasshouse Grunts, who'd run off in a panic. I should've expected his return, but was too busy having fun with the launcher.

Closing remarks Various room-specific tactics were used in these plays. I've briefly indicated some of them in the commentary but there's a lot more tactical talk in my article, so check that out.