BCM394 - Seventh room, three more plays

(6:30) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Here are three more plays of the seventh room set-up featured in the last movie. The first two involve plenty of needling, but then I throw in a rocket rampage for good measure. I'm sure no one will object.

Released December 16th 2019, gameplay recorded December 12th-14th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Ramp lurking and more) After dispatching the patrolling Elites with a couple of tags, I settle in for some lurking at the ramp, an enjoyable tactic which can be as leisurely as you want. I get two of the Elites pretty early on. Around 1:22 I miss a tag on a fleeing Grunt, and miss him with my next throw too. In retrospect I see that he dived to the right, and in fact both of the plasmas went through the glasshouse. Anyway, eventually I clean the place out, and after fragging three of the Jackals I enjoy some heavy needling, something we didn't have enough of in the first movie.

03:16 (Play 2 - Lots of needling) A shorter play this time; around two minutes instead of three. There's more cyborg mischief at the start, making the patrolling Elites look like a couple of chumps, but then I get into the main thing I wanted to feature: needling from up on the siding. That gets two of the Elites, and the other one gets needled at the bottom of the ramp. As for the Jackals, I was planning to take them all out with plasma balls and needles (using plasma balls to take down shields), but a Grunt is in among them and diverts my first plasma ball. That messes things up a bit and I start to take heavy fire, so I throw a quick frag. I get the final two Jackals with plasma balls and needles though. After which, there's a spot of Grunt slaying down the right (partly with a plasma rifle because I'd got a bit low on needles).

05:18 (Play 3 - Rocket rampage) I wanted the movie be another triple-play affair, but didn't want to go much over six and a half minutes, so I needed the third play to be pretty fast. I figured I'd try some rocket rampaging. Got myself killed loads of times by being too gung-ho, but on this occasion I prevailed, despite Grunt-bombing myself near the end. I could see that blast coming but knew my shield was good, so I didn't bother trying to get clear. I just ignored it and pressed on.

Closing remarks Actually I was working on this movie concurrently with the first one and could've released them together (that's what I'd been thinking of), but eventually decided to do separate releases instead.

I think I'll be using a different set-up next, for variation. Still got lots to show, so stay tuned! And by the way, I've now added pictures to most of my article, so it's looking a lot prettier than it did for the last thirteen years. Better late than never eh?