BCM396 - Glasshouse battle x3, needle special

(6:33) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Using the same set-up as in the last movie, I fight the good fight with a needler and plasma pistol. That's my favourite combo for the glasshouse battle, with the pistol mostly being used for taking down Jackal shields or stunning. Major carnage! In particular, the opening play begins with a glorious phase of battling down the right.

Released December 20th 2019, gameplay recorded December 17th-18th 2019.


00:02 (Going right) The main feature of this play is the protracted battling around the right. After killing the two Elites (spectacular bang!) I soon get on top of the situation, with most Grunts having run off in panic. Thereafter, it's a matter of slaying one Grunt or Jackal after another, but also with some needling through a low window (a favourite tactic), getting two glasshouse Elites. A glorious phase of covie slaying, which really shows the potential. Plasma balls are used to take down Jackal shields.

Just before I kill the final Grunt in that phase, there's an amusing incident where an airborne Grunt body undergoes a needle explosion which then detonates a loose plasma, killing another Grunt. Worth taking another look at if you didn't notice it. Watch from 1:27.

Incidentally, around 0:23 I topped up on needles from one of the spare needlers I'd placed in the room. That was the only such needler I took advantage of in this play, but I also use one around 3:02 in the next play.

02:10 (Going left) The battle has quite different characteristics going left. I eventually turn back and deal with the patrolling Elites, then lob grenades into the glasshouse, amusingly blowing out a Grunt. Around 3:24 I encounter a blue-shielded Jackal for the second time and get caught with a plasma ball before finishing him. That guy had a lucky escape earlier, when he was fleeing and I fired a load of needles after him. Evidently they never connected. I get him this time though. At the end I find a lone Grunt around the right, up on a platform. Must've got blasted there, but I'm not sure if he came from the ground or from the glasshouse.

04:27 (Into the middle) For this last battle I initially make a lightning visit through the glasshouse, tagging an Elite on the way for comedy. Then I attack covies in various directions from within the inner area. There's an amusing episode around 5:14 when I tag one of the ground Elites through a window and he comes flying through it. His buddy lasts longer, getting needled only at the very end.

Closing remarks Had a load of fun battling for this movie. Next instalment coming soon, but it'll be a change of pace and a whole lot quieter. Like, really quiet. Maybe you can guess what I'll be doing.