BCM399 - Boosted glasshouse battle x4

(6:33) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. I had good fun doing the fast aggressive sample play at the end of the last movie, featuring a boosted glasshouse battle save with 30 covies and music, so I decided to continue with more. In fact I've got two solid movies of it. This first one crams in four plays, using various weaponry but not the needler. See the next movie for all the needling!

Released December 31st 2019, gameplay recorded December 29th-30th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Rocket launcher & pistol) At the start here, the red Elite coming from the right is native to the room, whereas the red coming from left is an extra (and happens to have a different helmet style, incidentally). My favourite part of the play: jumping down from the glasshouse around 1:03 and slamming a rocket into a pillar, which sent a Jackal flying, and then doing a little bit of running around (including a rather risky second rocket) and ending with a jump back at the pillar to fire a third rocket.

01:32 (Play 2 - AR) Some nice tagging at the start of this play, running around in the inner area. I was a bit slow to whack the raging red around 1:58 though, and lost a health bar. My favourite part of the play is around 2:27 when I throw a sequence of three frags then a plasma, clearing the far area. The second frag especially.

03:23 (Play 3 - Pistol & plasma pistol) At 3:34 I tag a blue Elite in the face, and he growls in rage as I run away from him. So I'm surprised to suddenly find him coming up behind me a few seconds later (after the comical death of a red and a Jackal). Now that I play the footage, I realise there was actually no bang from the plasma I tagged him with. I think he must've brushed against a surface and shed the grenade. Very unusual!

05:10 (Play 4 - Rocket launcher & plasma rifle) For this last play I quickly eliminate most of the enemy presence down the right so I can safely jump up onto the siding and make a side entry into the glasshouse with a rocket launcher. My second rocket has a spectacular effect, sending the red Elite flying out horizontally, along with a few Grunts. Definitely my favourite bit.

Closing remarks Like my opening caption said, Heroic is great for fast gung-ho play. You're under serious threat of course, and you'd better be good at dodging around and attacking covies before they attack you, but there's good scope for being able to keep pushing on, without having to spend much time taking cover to recharge. Previously I hadn't used Heroic much for glasshouse battling, because there were only 21 covies there; but now that I'm adding extras, that boosts the count to a much meatier 30, and it's a heck of a lot of fun.

I used a pistol in two of those plays, but to my mind it's really not very well suited to gung-ho play. It can bring down Grunts fast if you get headshots of course, and I got a few of those, but I feel much more fluid and powerful with a plasma weapon for example, both of which are superior to the pistol when you bump into Elites. The main reason I featured the pistol was for variety. I didn't use the sniper rifle at all, but that's the least suitable weapon for gung-ho play of course.