BCM400 - Boosted glasshouse battle x3, needle special

(6:34) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. The second movie in a pair, I'm once again using my boosted glasshouse battle save with 30 covies and music. This time we've got a triple play using a needler and plasma pistol, my favourite combo for the glasshouse battle, and the final play features a novel attack place not shown before!

Released December 31st 2019, gameplay recorded December 29th 2019.


00:02 (Play 1 - Going right) Initially I go around the right. All three ground Elites are killed and there's a nice chain reaction around 0:31, after which there's a lucky blind tag of an advancing Grunt (he was hidden by the chain reaction). The outer fighting continues for quite a while after that, with covies attacking from various directions. I could easily have lost health there with this gung-ho style, but I was evading pretty well.

01:11 In the second phase of the battle I aim to make a side entry into the glasshouse. Annoyingly I miss an intended tag on the red Elite, but he gets killed by the blast anyway. He hurts me though, and when I see the blue guy turn up, I back off to recharge, and use the other side entry.

02:11 (Play 2 - Initially going left then coming back) Initially I go left and wreak a minor cataclysm on the red Elite there (one of the extras). But then I come back and do a lot of running around in the starting zone as covies converge on me. Plus I send a few streams of needles into the glasshouse, which works quite nicely.

03:00 Hopping through a window, I advance into the inner area and subsequently clear the glasshouse.

03:28 In the final phase I leap out of the glasshouse and clean up; which initially involves a frag that sets off some plasmas to pleasing effect. My work ends with some needling up on the siding around the right, where I take out the last few Grunts.

04:00 (Play 3 - Going into a pipe) Here's a novel place from which to attack. One of the two pipes along the side! It's dangerous as you can't dodge much, but can be fun. Here, I not only do some needling but also a stun and tag on a red Elite around 4:28. Amusingly the blast sends a dropped needler into the pipe, giving me a handy top-up. Eventually, while needling a blue Elite I jump across into the glasshouse. That's a jump you can only just make (and I failed it quite a bit, on some other plays I did).

05:08 A nice Elite kill here, jumping down from the glasshouse. Frag, stun, tag and dodge.

05:21 The clean-up phase starts well and includes a barrage of grenades into the far end. But then when I'm zapping some Grunts through a window, I almost get killed by a grunty assassin with a needler. This is a danger with loud music; threats are all the more easy to miss until you're in serious trouble! I narrowly survive though, and soon get my revenge.

06:00 I mess up killing this final Jackal. When he dives I send a stream of needles his way, but I also gamble and try to run past, getting caught in the bang. That was a bit too gung-ho! A Grunt quickly tries to take advantage with his needler, but only a single needle connects and I survive - and soon finish off.

Closing remarks Ok, that was a whole lot of carnage across these last two movies. I dare say there'll be more battling on Heroic later, but for my next movie I think I'll be doing some tutorial stuff on getting extras in Legendary. So stay tuned!