BCM401 - Glasshouse battle, extra covies via rear trigger

(6:34) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. My previous method of adding extra covies to the glasshouse battle is problematic on Legendary, due to the intensity of enemy fire when trying to run the passage gauntlet. But here's another way to work things!

Released January 4th 2020, gameplay recorded January 1st-2nd 2020.


00:02 (Passage gauntlet trouble) This opening sequence is just to illustrate how tough the passage gauntlet is on Legendary. From this particular checkpoint I tried a bunch of times and never did manage it. On the third try here, I at least reach the end and luckily the rearmost Jackal departs, but I get cut down on the way back by some fierce grunty fire.

01:21 (Rear trigger work) Here's the sneaky part of the new method. The passage checkpoint is delayed and used for bumping through the locked door outside, then you trigger the room from the rear and escape. It goes fine on this set-up. I take early fire from the patrolling Elites, but recharge at my favoured spot before the final dash to the exit.

02:18 This inserted clip is from another play and shows a rather nice stealth option, which only crossed my mind just lately. In this case I'm actually spotted by one of the arriving passage Jackals, but happily he doesn't raise the alarm early enough.

02:43 (Continue similar to before) Back to my original play, I continue on with the usual set-up elements (see BCM398): some slaying outside (I also ended the music just before dealing with the Hunters), health restoration, dawdler shifting, building a weapon collection, moving the extras, and getting a final checkpoint. Now I think of it though, it would've been better to leave the health restoration until after moving the extras, just in case I got careless and lost health doing that.

03:56 (40 covies can be too hard) Here's a 4-clip sequence illustrating how severe things can be against the full 40 covies on Legendary. You've got 9 Elites, mostly nasty reds, and may well prefer to have fewer. I think the difficulty depends quite a bit on where the ground Elites are initially located, but with this particular set-up the battle was really too hard. Survival was hard to achieve, even with a rocket launcher.

Two particular amusements in the sequence: a Grunt spitting on my body at the end of the second clip, and a blue Elite getting launched at the end of the fourth.

05:02 (Culling) You can always do some Elite culling in advance though. It's easy in the Elite room, and I give an example of taking out two. But you've also got the opportunity after doing the rear trigger, as shown in two examples.

06:08 (Ending) Comedy ending, notionally following on from the last clip but actually from a different play. Like I said, watch out for those Hunters; they'll blow you out of the sky! Of course, I was somewhat asking for it, getting so close when attacking the Elites and Grunts. There was no need for that; you can bombard them at leisure from a totally safe distance.

Closing remarks One extra remark. After using the rear trigger and escaping the room, how about doing a bit of fire to draw the extra covies over? Trouble is, when you get back to the passage you'll probably find some dawdlers. And even if they move along without raising the alarm and drawing the extras back this way, I think they'll tend to end up near the entrance. So I think it's best to attend to the dawdler issue before trying to attract covies towards the exit.