BCM403 - Boosted glasshouse battle x3, AR challenge

(6:54) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Continuing with the 37-covie set-up used in the last movie, I now attempt to secure victory with an assault rifle. Quite a challenge! But of course, some liberal grenade work may help along the way.

Released January 9th 2020, gameplay recorded January 5th-8th 2020.


00:02 (Play 1) Excellent fun down the right here, with the mass of Grunts. One blue Elite (native to the room) gets taken out by a tagged Grunt, and the next gets blasted too. Later on I see a red Elite approaching and I take cover, but he doesn't materialize. As it turns out, he got blocked by minor covies. Anyway, he gets blasted too. But my favourite part of this play is around 0:43 when a Jackal approaches. From cover I bounce a frag off the siding, and it sends him flying just as he's warming up a plasma ball.

02:26 (Play 2) This time I head down the right, but come back after a while. That leads into my favourite bit around 2:51. I charge the native blue Elite (not the best idea tactically, especially as my shield isn't fully charged) and tag him at close range, then do a frag bounce from cover which sends an advancing Jackal flying. As with that other Jackal I mentioned, I wanted to stay under cover because my shield was down.

04:49 (Play 3) Living even more dangerously now, I head into the inner area, quickly getting rid of the Jackal in the corner with a tag (at least, I think it was a tag). A red Elite gets in my face around 5:07 but I pull off a nice tag before heading back out. I was hoping to recharge but I run into a Grunt, and then a blue Elite and a Jackal. The Jackal starts eating away my health, but I manage to get to cover and then frag the pair of them - my favourite bit.

Closing remarks Pretty good fun that challenge. Maybe sometime I should try it without grenades though. That would be a whole lot harder!