BCM404 - Boosted glasshouse battle x2, no grenades

(5:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Normally in the glasshouse battle I make extensive use of grenades, but now I try to slaughter 37 covies without grenade use, which is a lot harder. Here I've got two plays using the same set-up as last time. First I go with plasma weapons. That's a very powerful combo but victory was still hard to achieve (I often got killed). Then I try a rocket launcher and needler. That was a terrible combo really; neither weapon is ideal when you're getting swarmed close up. But it does give you plenty of bang, and I managed a few wins.

Released January 12th 2020, gameplay recorded January 9th-10th 2020.


00:02 (Play 1 - Plasma combo) In the hectic opening phase a Grunt fumbles a plasma grenade thanks to my fire. It only kills one Grunt though. I soon have to turn back to fend off attacks from behind, culminating with the red Elite. He gets through my shield and I'm briefly concerned when a Grunt turns up too, but I manage to put the red down fast, which makes the Grunt flee.

00:54 After getting back to work on the right, there's another plasma fumble and this time it kills multiple Grunts. That's more like it! Just after that I face a concerted grunty attack from behind, but take care of it with no health loss.

01:25 Further down the right, there's a nice phase where I take out Jackals one at a time. Plasma ball for the shield, then rifle fire. I make good use of cover to stay healthy. Those Jackals are a vicious bunch!

01:51 That just leaves the glasshouse, where I get busy at the ramps. The blue Elite gets taken by surprise around 2:16, and around 2:46 I make a bold run through the glasshouse to pursue a red down a ramp. I thought it would be reasonably safe, as the other Elite was on the defensive with a damaged shield.

02:55 That just leaves the last red. I get him on the defensive and advance up the ramp, but my plasma pistol is dry. There's a dropped one just ahead though, so I advance to pick it up. I thought the red had gone behind an obstacle, but in fact he went to a corner, leaving me open to fire. Luckily he takes cover though, and then it's easy to surprise him from behind.

03:20 (Play 2 - Launcher & needler) At the start of this play I have some fun needling a Grunt at the bottom of the ramp, and the explosion shatters the window above. Nice to see. The commotion brings a blue Elite running from the right, but I'm ready with the launcher and send him flying. His grunty sidekick tries to run off but I give him an explosive dose of needles. I cut the stream short though, to try and be reloaded in time for the next Elite, a blue with a needler of his own. That goes fine; I dodge a swipe and needle him.

03:41 The hectic early phase isn't over yet though. A Jackal turns up and gets a rocket, and then I see a Grunt. I try to whack him with the launcher but miss. Now there are three of the critters and it becomes important to take them out fast, before they work up some grunty punishment. I aim a rocket at a good spot on the wall, and that does the job.

03:53 Down the left I rocket a group of two Grunts and a Jackal. A few seconds later I get caught by the red Elite, having exposed myself to fire while dealing with a Grunt coming up behind. However, I see where the Elite takes cover, and finish him with a carefully aimed rocket which also takes out some minors.

04:28 Here's where I send some needles up into the glasshouse. As I jump up onto the siding I realise there's a red Elite at the bottom of the ramp, which puts me under more threat than I'd like. Accordingly my stream is only brief and rushed. But it's enough to badly hurt two Elites up top, and then I finish them by slamming a rocket into the ceiling - my favourite part of the play.

04:41 The final Elite is quickly taken care of with rockets, and after a brief excursion to get more rockets, I'm soon up in the glasshouse where I kill its last occupant, a Grunt.

05:20 A Grunt tries to needle me but his shots get blocked by a window. Silly fellow. Eventually I rocket it, and then rocket him. Indeed, it's rockets all the way as I finish the last few Grunts.

Closing remarks Without the luxury of grenades those battles lasted longer than usual, which is why this movie was only a double play rather than a triple. More no-grenade action coming next. I have two nice plays lined up. One with an AR, and one using a single plasma pistol. Both tough challenges.