BCM405 - Boosted glasshouse battle x2, no grenades

(6:52) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Continuing with my 37-covie set-up, here are two more battles using no grenades. I'm taking on two new challenges though. In the first I try to survive with a single AR (no ammo top-up along the way), and in the second I restrict myself to a single plasma pistol. So as well as doing without grenades, I also have to watch my ammo use!

Released January 15th 2020, gameplay recorded January 11th 2020.


00:02 (Play 1 - Single AR) For this play I start off by going to the right, where there's a blue Elite and a mass of Grunts. I'm hoping to clear it fairly quickly, to give myself a good position from which to defend against the attacks likely to follow. I'll comment on a few bits of the battle.

00:14 This pillar can give excellent cover. I exploit it well here, decimating the grunty horde and taking only minor shield damage. When the red Elite finally turns up, I'm ready with a full mag and dodge his swipe (which I invited) while drilling him. A Grunt lobs a plasma just after that and it sets off a huge chain reaction. Would've been nice to see the whole thing but I was busy checking the rear for safety.

01:43 While trying to finish the last minor covies, I'm a bit careless and get caught with a plasma ball, losing two health bars. You have to be careful not to underestimate these guys!

02:18 A red Elite comes down a ramp and attacks, but that's fine by me. I'm ready to drill him and dodge a swipe. Notice that his swipe actually breaks the window above; and the same goes for the blue Elite soon afterwards. The damage range of an Elite swipe is apparently rather large. I've done a test to see if my swipe would break a window from down there, and no it doesn't.

03:10 At the end here, I'm low on ammo but the red is taking cover, so I get sneaky and make a side entry to surprise him from behind. Still need a bit of melee though.

03:28 (Play 2 - Single plasma pistol) This time I go left for variety, and kill two Elites early on, a fine start. As you can see, rapid zapping can bring down even a red Elite very fast.

05:07 I make a glasshouse Grunt fumble a plasma, with excellent payoff. That saves me a bit of zapping!

05:26 When it comes to the final Elite, I allow myself the luxury of a plasma ball to stun him.

05:34 Part of the reason I selected this play from a handful of victories I earned, is this long plasma fight with the Jackals. Me up in the glasshouse, them down below. Aiming for their left-hand sides, and especially the shield notch for the shooting hand, I manage to kill a few before jumping down and zapping a guy who's lost his shield.

06:12 This window gives pretty good cover, though you do have to be careful. I pick off a handful of troops before backing off to recharge and finish from a different angle. My weapon is running dry, but in the end I actually have enough charge left for a final plasma ball, for fun.

Closing remarks It's good to get these two challenges done. Had a fine old time battling for this movie, but I think that's the last of my 'no grenade' plays for now. Coming up next, it's back to the stealth business!