BCM408 - 40-covie glasshouse battle x3

(6:46) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Previously I've battled 37 covies in the room (see movies 402-405), but now I take things to the max with a 40-covie set-up - which means being in the same small room as nine Elites! The initial threat level is severe and it's a job not to be quickly killed, but here are three victories using various tactics. The set-up includes advance weapon placement (see last movie) comprising five needlers and, more significantly, a spare rocket launcher.

Released February 15th 2020, gameplay recorded February 11th-13th 2020.


00:02 (Play 1 - Plasma combo, going right) In this first battle my approach is to blitz the covies down the right, then fight from there for a while. Of course, there are potentially covies approaching from behind, so you have to keep alert to both directions.

00:24 I get a bit caught by a red Elite coming up behind, but I do a quick stun and tag; and since I'm already pretty close, I go with the flow and jump over him. Unfortunately I go a bit far and meet up with a plasma ball from a Jackal, but luckily it only costs me one health bar.

01:56 (Play 2 - AR & needler, going left) This time I initially fight on the left, and things are off to a good start when I tag a Jackal and he runs over to two Elites, getting them killed.

03:26 Having continued around the outside, eventually I get to the two Elites that were down the right (the patrollers native to the room). After tagging the blue and dodging a swipe, I come face to face with another blue at the bottom of the glasshouse ramp and he gets the same treatment. An amusing sequence.

04:09 As I head up the ramp, the final Elite comes leaping my way from up the other side, and he ends up with a plasma stuck to his foot.

04:30 (Play 3 - Launcher & needler, back area) My approach this time is basically to quickly blast the two Elites on the right, then fight from around the back right, something I hadn't really done before. In making attempts at this though, it was very hard to survive the initial attack.

04:46 After bouncing a frag off the siding, I turn to deal with a red Elite coming from behind, up the right. This was a particular danger which got me killed on many plays, but eventually I started making a point of trying to anticipate, using my tracker. That was the case here. I noticed the dot just in time, and was able to give him a surprise.

04:59 A mistake here. After shaking up a couple of Elites with a bounced frag, I somehow manage to miss them with a rocket. It goes wide to the left, killing only a Grunt. That rocket should've wiped them out!

05:28 Fresh rockets from a spare launcher in the inner area! Nice.

05:42 When I kill a red Elite, two Grunts break off from attacking me and I take them out with a clip of needles. Definitely one of my favourite bits.

Closing remarks More battles coming next!