BCM409 - 40-covie glasshouse battle x3

(7:04) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Continuing with my 40-covie set-up, here are another three plays. Two of them begin with novel plasma grenading tactics, and the other one starts with storming the glasshouse.

Released February 18th 2020, gameplay recorded February 14th-16th 2020.


00:02 (Play 1 - AR & pistol, going right) This play starts with an amusing tactic involving plasma grenades, though actually it doesn't go fully to plan. My first plasma was meant to kill the red Elite who's in the far right corner of the inner area, but he dives clear which was unusual. However, I lob a second plasma into the inner area and that one does kill an Elite; either the original target or a red Elite at the base of the far ramp. Meanwhile I've also used a plasma to kill an Elite and Grunt closer at hand, and I finish that group by drilling the blue Elite with my AR at close range.

00:38 A nasty situation here, with two Elites closing in on me. But I quickly tag the red and the blast fortunately takes out the blue as well.

00:58 With the most hectic phase now handled, I have more of a chance to get into som pistol work on Grunts and Jackals, although I briefly switch back to the AR as a precaution when an Elite approaches.

01:38 Somehow I manage to miss this attempted tag on a blue Elite at the bottom of the ramp. As I run off, I realise he's on my tail. He's no trouble though.

02:20 (Play 2 - Launcher & plasma rifle, glasshouse storming) Storming the glasshouse like this is a fine way of getting yourself killed within a few seconds, but on this occasion I manage to retain a few health bars and get my shield recharged, partly thanks to tagging the blue Elite.

03:02 Good bit here. A red Elite comes bounding up one of the ramps and gets boosted by my rocket; and then my second rocket finishes him as he's on his way out.

04:38 (Play 3 - Plasma pistol & AR, inner area) Originally I wasn't anticipating doing a defence from the inner area, as I thought it would be too rediculously hard with this many Elites. But I found that I could quickly tag three of the reds with good success rate, giving me a fighting chance of survival. Still very dangerous in that inner area though.

05:47 After things have calmed down, I take a few seconds to deal with the two native Elites outside. But look how quickly my health gets depleted by a supporting Grunt before he panicked. You can't underestimate these guys.

06:09 Almost got into trouble here, with this red Elite on a ramp. I unexpectedly miss with a plasma ball, but fortunately I'm on target with a tag.

Closing remarks Originally I was going to do two movies of this 40-covie battling, but the combat was so tough that I changed my mind and thought I'd just do one, namely the previous movie. But while watching that footage again, I got itchy for giving things a further try, and came up with a few new opening tactics, resulting in this movie. Definitely a worthwhile addition.