BCM411 - Evac tagging

(5:32) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. In the same way that a plasma grenade can pass through the front of a Banshee and tag the pilot, it can potentially pass through the exterior of an oncoming Pelican and tag a passenger. Which means quite a bit of fun! I call it evac tagging.

Released February 29th 2020, gameplay recorded August 25th 2019 and February 26th-28th 2020.


00:02 This first example is from back when I tried out this idea last August, while working on Warthog catapulting. It uses the set-up featured in three of my warthog catapulting movies; namely BCM372 and the two thereafter. Stacker's on the chain-gun. I recorded a bunch of clips with that set-up, before putting the topic aside for later. Five more of those early clips are in the movie.

00:19 Another clip from last August.

00:30 (Marine bail demo) Just to show you more clearly, a tagged Marine will bail from the Pelican. That's what you've just seen twice. As an incidental observation, notice that the first guy tagged has no AR. It vanished when he boarded (that happens to some guys but not others) but it reappears in his hands when he dismounts.

00:46 Here I'm using a new set-up created specifically for the movie, featuring a squad of five Marines standing around. It's the one used most, accounting for 13 clips. Johnson and another guy were from the first part of the level, and the other three guys came from the hillside survivor area.

00:56 My first throw misses the Pelican entirely but the second goes through the belly to score a late tag, causing Stacker to protest again.

01:08 Here's an example of an early tag causing damage to troops on the hill - which is fun to do. This set-up was created for the movie and features Johnson on the chain-gun. In all, the movie uses four set-ups (three of which feature a manned hog).

01:21 This time I throw later, and there's no danger to the guys on the hill.

01:35 Another early tag, and Stacker is not best pleased.

01:46 An early tag again, but without hilltop casualties. As the victim whizzes past, screaming, notice the change in pitch. Doppler effect!

01:56 Big trajectory!

02:09 (Crewmen bail demo) This demo is just to show that POA crewmen act differently to Marines, when tagged in the Pelican. They don't bail or scream, so they're not as much fun. But at least they die.

02:22 An early tag on a blue crewman - and a hilltop Marine gets killed too.

02:32 A tagged Marine goes flying into the distance, and my hog buddies both complain about the bang.

02:44 A later tag this time, and it looks like I got this Marine on the head. The blast sends him forcefully down to bounce off the hilltop.

02:54 An early tag, with a zoomed sniper view of the grenade passing through.

03:07 Here's a case of 'third time lucky'. My third grenade passes through the belly and tags a Marine on the leg, blasting him high. With zoomed sniper rifle I track him and manage to score a hit.

03:22 Here's set-up number four in action, but this is the only clip used from it. An early tag, in which the victim gets blasted horizontally.

03:31 Another early tag, this time killing one of my five-strong hilltop squad. A Marine takes issue with me but I return the favour.

03:43 BOOM! An orange crewman is blasted down onto the hilltop.

03:52 Another case of 'third time lucky'. The victim is blasted up and appears to hit an invisible surface in mid-air. That really surprised me, as I'd never been aware that there was any such surface in that area. But I guess there is! Mysterious.

04:07 (Rare wipeout) After an early throw I turn to face the manned hog. When the bang goes off, it kills Johnson and his buddy and then apparently detonates the loose frags - which kills me! This is the only time I've had such a wipeout. It's curious that the frags were detonated, given that they were only released after the plasma went off. Incidentally, it looks like the guy I tagged was a crewman. There's a glimpse of him, but you'll need to step through frame by frame.

04:17 A late tag, and the victim is blasted downwards.

04:27 Early tag, with my hog crew protesting.

04:39 (Rare double) My barrage results in not one but two guys getting tagged! This is the only example of that I've had so far, despite throwing a considerable number of barrages.

04:53 An early tag, and I'm ready with a side view to watch the incoming Marine bomb, which kills the seated hog passenger. Quite entertaining - but Johnson is not amused.

05:05 A comedy clip on which to end. Stacker is annoyed about me killing his men, but apparently he's not so fussed about POA crewmen. When I snipe the guy in orange, he compliments me on the shot!

Closing remarks Near the end of making this movie, I started doing some additional play and got some interesting results. I didn't want to re-jig the movie to try and accommodate that stuff though. There was too much and the movie was already in pleasing shape. Instead, it looks like I'll need to make another movie on this business. So keep watching!