BCM412 - Evac tagging

(6:50) Level 2 ('Halo') on Heroic. This second instalment on evac tagging starts with an odd phenomenon I noticed while making the last movie: anomalous tag survival. Then there's an activity I call 'exit tagging', and finally a three-minute medley of excellent clips, including some nice double tags and 'duo tags'.

Released March 6th 2020, gameplay recorded March 1st-4th 2020.


00:02 (Anomalous tag survival) These two examples of tag survival are ones I got on February 28th as I was nearing the end of my work on the last movie. Pretty surprising, the first time I saw it! That movie was practically finished though, so I left the topic for a sequel.

00:51 This clip sequence demonstrates the apparent workings, using tagging at the boarding area. Usually the bang goes off after the tagged Marine has exited the Pelican, in which case he'll certainly die. But if he's not yet out and he's also strong enough, he can survive the bang. Armour seems essential.

01:46 Here's a later example, with a good view of the survivor's fatal fall.

02:02 Concluding this section, a comedy clip in which I snipe the faller and get complimented by Johnson. This is actually the final clip added to the movie. Earlier I'd tried to get a sniping clip, but eventually gave up and was just going to end with the previous clip. But at the last minute I gave it another go, and after umpteen tries was rewarded with this clip. Glad I did that, as it makes for a much better conclusion.

02:18 (Exit tagging) Now here are seven exit tags, mostly at close range (causing my shield to bleep) but two are from further off. The examples all use the same new set-up in which I've got four Marines in a small group behind me. Three were from the rockslide. I deliberately omitted Stacker and Johnson in an effort to get more voice variety, but my foursome turned out to be rather quiet, with protest lines tending to instead come from within the Pelican.

03:51 (Final medley) A 3-minute medley to finish, comprising 14 clips. In this opener I fool around by having a Marine dismount from the hog and onto my head, before we're hit by an incoming Marine bomb.

04:07 A nice double tag. As you can see, I used zoomed aim. I've been doing a bit of that for this movie.

04:21 This guy seems to go right though me!

04:31 Two guys tagged! A 'duo tag' as I'll call it (in distinction to doing a 'double tag' on someone).

04:42 A low-flying Marine, and I've already got my sniper rifle ready to track him with zoom.

04:51 A nice example of frag detonation. Also, I think the plasma went off before this guy had exited, and that's why it's boomier than normal. It's something I've noticed sometimes, and there was another good example around 4:23 in the previous movie. You also get this boominess with POA crewmen quite a bit.

04:05 Blasted onto the opposite hilltop!

05:19 A double tag with two frags going off. Spectacular!

05:33 Three throws, three hits! The only time I've ever had that. My first two plasmas double tag one guy, and the third gets another.

05:45 Dude sails over my head in amusing fashion.

05:57 This guy bounces off the hog just before the plasma blows, and he gets blasted along the hill.

06:08 Zoom aim with my sniper rifle, and a nice view of the bang and subsequent flight. At the end you can see his AR whizzing across the ground.

06:24 I had the idea for this clip quite late, and it adds a bit of novelty. Having got the side passenger to dismount as I moved forward to make my throw, I board the hog to experience the incoming Marine bomb from the seat. I produced quite a few clips like this, but this was my favourite. Pleasingly, the Marine is seen falling to the ground after the bang.

06:35 Figured I'd end on this comedy clip, with Johnson getting killed.

Closing remarks I think this ends my coverage of evac tagging. One theme I haven't featured is having a plasma go through the side of the Pelican in almost perpendicular fashion, but I only got one clip of that and it wasn't very good. I haven't done any testing, but it seems relatively hard to get the plasma through when going for such an angle.

For this movie I used the set-ups already used in the last movie, plus two new ones for variety.