BCM415 - Grunty grenade barrages

(8:31) Various levels on Legendary. I've previously shown a few special situations in which Grunts go grenade crazy, but I now belatedly realize that they can undertake grenade barrages in general play, and it's frequently quite easy to provoke, on the higher difficulties at least. Can't believe I missed this for so long! Here's an introduction for Legendary, which gives the highest throwing rate. Eleven clips across five levels. See also my article on the topic.

Released March 24th 2020, gameplay recorded May 6th 2019 and March 19th-21st 2020.


00:02 (Level 2, crash zone) Here's the barrage from May 2019 which set me on this path of discovery. It's mentioned at the start of my article. When I shot the red Grunt I was trying to get him to flee across the bridge, but it started an unexpected barrage instead. By the time he got to throw four or five I was probably thinking something like "Wow, this is interesting; let's see how long he'll go!" One thing to notice: his reloading gets repeatedly interrupted by his throwing, so there's quite a long period of no firing.

01:06 (Same again) I returned to the issue on March 19th and with perseverance got some more barrages. I think I'd also tried earlier but failed, which was the reason I'd put things aside for so long. This 7-throw job has a comical ending. A fatal foul-up which causes him to be shunted off the cliff. As in the previous clip, his reloading gets interrupted a lot. In fact, he only gets a needle out just before the shunt.

01:47 (Level 5, first battlefield) Next, I started trying out places in other levels, starting with the first battlefield of level 5. I set up this situation after first doing the trick for getting a Marineless first ground battle, a topic covered just recently in BCM413. Eliminated all the other covies, then got a checkpoint from part way up the battlefield. In this area near a rock, it was very easy to get barrages. He backs off around the rock as you can see. Only a 10-throw barrage in this case, but I've had much longer.

02:32 (Level 4, landing zone) Then I tried level 4 and found that it was pretty easy to get barrages in this first beach area. Here we've got a 16-throw barrage, the longest in the movie. Part way through he starts trying to reload, but never does complete it. In regard to the set-up work, I immediately killed the Marines, then killed all the covies except for this one guy, then I got the Warthog dropped by the Pelican, and got a checkpoint around the island's periphery.

03:38 (Level 6, landing zone) This clip illustrates why it's preferable for your Grunt to have a needler - on Legendary at least. Plasma fire is more dangerous, and here after a 5-throw barrage, it kills me before I can get a second barrage going. One other thing to notice: he started without me shooting him. I shot, but it missed.

04:15 (Same again) This time I do better and get a 10-throw barrage before tagging the Grunt. Had to fend off a nasty Jackal though! I really like this footage. Great atmosphere in the swamp, and I love those big 'sploosh' sounds when plasmas go off in the water.

04:58 (Level 2, cliffside survivor area) This clip was the last addition to the movie. I figured I could squeeze one more in, and this area provided some nice scenery. I was playing for comedy here, having parked the hog where it might easily get blasted off - which it duly does, in a 6-throw barrage.

05:40 (Level 8, early outside) The first ever level 8 footage to feature in any of my movies! Here we have a 7-throw barrage with a comical self-tag ending. Prior to recording in this area, I'd tried to get a barrage in the first place you meet covies, but had no luck, so I tried outside instead, and it was easy there.

06:13 (Level 2, first structure) Here, I'd just got a checkpoint associated with the arrival of the third dropship. I was sheltering behind a tree after having blitzed the second ship, leaving just this red Grunt - who was easy to provoke into a barrage. A 14-throw barrage in this case, after three failed tries at getting him started. Towards the end there's a bit of fun dodging around a small arch. That's something I realized I could work into the proceedings.

07:25 (Same again) During this other play his aim went askew twice, which I though was worth including for comedy. This is the only time I've seen two oddball throws so close together. It's rare to even get one. At the end I get killed when provoking an extra-big boom by adding needles to a tag (a phenomenon I hope to do a movie on sometime).

07:59 (Level 5, first battlefield) To end, a spot of comedy in that first level 5 battlefield again. One of his grenades comes back and gives him some trouble!

Closing remarks I stuck to red Grunts for this movie. I did get some decent barrages from orange guys, but as noted in my article, reds seem much better. Maybe I'll have an orange guy in a later instalment though, we'll see. Maybe I'll also show some longer barrages. Here I wanted to feature lots of different areas, so I kept to shorter ones (often ended by my tagging the Grunt, or him getting himself killed).