BCM416 - Grunty grenade barrages, vehicle use

(8:23) Various levels on Legendary. In the last movie I was getting grunty grenade barrages while on foot, but this time I'm using vehicles - which the Grunts are only too happy to target with their plasmas. Don't even need to shoot 'em! Another eleven clips, this time across three levels.

Released March 30th 2020, gameplay recorded March 26th-28th 2020.


00:02 (Ghost, level 5) Using a Ghost is easiest, so I thought I'd start the movie with that. In this bit of play I mostly orbit around the rock, leaving the Grunt repeatedly throwing in the wrong direction. These Grunts are a bit laggy! At the end though, I dismount and send him airborne with a rocket.

01:02 (Banshee, level 8) In this first Two Betrayals clip, I've nabbed the early Banshee and there's now only one Grunt left outside. I've just got a checkpoint in the bridge's exit passage, and now I backtrack to play with the Grunt. Some nice swooping around there, keeping him busy with throws until I finally blast him.

01:40 (Ghost, level 5) Back to AOTCR for more Ghost play. But this time I hover a bit too close to a fizzing plasma, and get blasted. Oops! That Grunt was ejected from the nearby Shade, after which I got a delayed checkpoint for repeatedly having fun with him. The later two ice patch clips use the same set-up. Grunts in this area always have plasma pistols by the way, never needlers.

02:15 (Hog, level 2) A good 12-throw barrage in the rockslide, including a plasma which bounces off the windscreen. Eventually the hog takes a blast when I slide down too near a grenade; and then the Grunt gets splattered.

03:08 (Banshee, level 5) This is a nice area to play in, and it was relatively easy to set things up with just one red needler Grunt left. I evade seven grenades with no trouble, but then make a slight misjudgement and catch number eight on the tail. Whoops!

03:46 (Ghost, level 8) This ramp-like hill featured five needler Grunts, one of whom was in a Shade, but now there's only one left. I couldn't get him to barrage me when I was at the bottom of the ramp. Seemed like I needed to be off to the side.

04:37 (Hog, level 5) Trying to dodge around on ice while in a Warthog may not be tactically sound, but it's quite a lot of fun. The other reason I went with this situation is because of how good the churned-up ice effect is. Very pretty I think!

05:21 (Banshee, level 5) My Banshee gets pretty smoky here, eventually going down to a single health bar before I call time and send the Grunt flying.

06:07 (Hog, level 2) In this situation I'd killed off the UNSC survivors and almost all the covies. Only two red Grunts remain, and they now have homing behaviour, chasing after me. I've just got a checkpoint at an entrance. Playing with this set-up, I realised I could have novel fun dodging grenades while the hog has its back wheels hanging over the cliff. So that's what I was trying for here. The Grunt initially delivers a 6-throw barrage, with one plasma bouncing off the windscreen, something I was actually trying to get. But I subsequently provoke two more plasmas, the first of which gets freakily frozen in mid-air after a windscreen bounce. This too was something I was trying for. I got it quite a few times actually.

07:00 (Ghost, level 8) In this situation I'd killed all but one of the Grunts at the spiral path, then I got a checkpoint a bit further on. I've now headed back in a Ghost to have fun with him. The short barrage ends when he comically tags himself, courtesy of a shield bounce.

07:24 (Scorpion, level 5) A tank is pretty unwieldy for dodging plasmas, but as you can see, it can be done. And when you've had enough, you can give your assailant a nice surprise!

Closing remarks As with being on foot, it was pretty easy getting barrage situations while in a vehicle. I was spoilt for options, especially in AOTCR where I didn't even explore the whole level. I could've also included some hog play in level 4 but it mostly wasn't all that conducive (there aren't that many Grunts out in the open, and some of the areas are a bit dark), so I left out that level.