BCM417 - Grunty grenade barrages, double trouble

(5:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Continuing with the grunty grenade barrages, this time I'm in a Ghost and having fun with pairs of Grunts, in various places.

Released April 1st 2020, gameplay recorded March 31st 2020.


00:02 (First battlefield) For starters here's an outing in the first battlefield, with two red needler Grunts. The middle area containing a tree and some rocks is ideal for double trouble fun, and after multiple plays I found a bonus activity to enjoy. Namely, doing a jump off some of the rocks. Two jumps in this play. Eventually I get tagged, but at least I take out the assailant with the blast, heh heh. I was waiting for the tag really, to provide an amusing way of ending.

01:21 (Final structure) Almost at the end of the level now. In the situation I set up here, I'd left two red needler Grunts alive at the bottom of the structure, and I subsequently got a checkpoint part way up the zigzag path, in a Ghost. Being up quite high, this also set me up for a spectacular jump down to the Grunts, as seen at the start. Eventually I get tagged.

02:04 (Crashed Pelican area) This time the pair includes an orange Grunt, but he's not very industrious. He only throws once, compared to 13 throws from the red guy. Indeed, having an orange guy wasn't ideal, and it took perseverance to get plays which I thought were intense enough for inclusion in the movie. But I stuck with it and this play pleased me with its ending, in which the grunty duo wipes itself out after the red guy throws a plasma at a tree.

03:27 (Final structure again) I got quite a few entertaining plays with this set-up, so I decided to include a second one in the movie, as a 'rematch'. But once again, I end up getting blasted.

04:25 (Ice path) To end, a music-backed duel on the ice path below the spiral path. In this play I have a bit of fun trying to get one guy blasted by the other; and eventually he does take a blast, though it's not fatal. Then he narrowly avoids getting splattered by a tumbling Banshee. That was amusing. At the very end, I misjudge how close I am to a plasma fizzing on the Banshee, and it blows up my Ghost. Oops! Team Grunt wins again - but at least one of them got killed in the final blast.

Closing remarks An agreeably easy movie to make! I could've used other vehicles too and included some play on foot, but using a Ghost was the most fun so I decided to keep that theme throughout. Plus I decided to just use AOTCR, as it had so much potential. Maybe I'll do some more duo play another time though. It makes for excellent footage I think. For us Grunt fans at least!