BCM429 - Riding on a backstop Sentinel, stunt boarding

(6:52) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Heroic. After the gameplay seen in the last movie, I got into the matter of 'stunt boarding' a backstop Sentinel, which you can do in various ways. It's good for show, but can also facilitate a quick return. Also included here: a mid-air transfer!

Released May 17th 2020, gameplay recorded May 14th-16th 2020.


00:02 (Running jump) This is your basic 'stunt boarding' component, namely a running jump. I don't make it back though. Slid off.

00:23 This time I get a return. The previous movie showed the first three returns I got. This was number 4.

00:52 And now, return 5. When I get back I'm mystified as to where the Sentinel went, but I eventually find it up above the opening, where it's shooting at me. Nav trouble I guess.

01:54 Another failure at returning. Denied at the last moment.

02:20 Return 6, after which I wipe out the Sentinels, though almost getting killed in the process.

02:50 (Adding a turn) Now I add a turn to my running jump, so I end up facing backwards. I subsequently fall off, but at least I destroy the second Sentinel with plasma fire.

03:06 It's very difficult though, landing backwards. Easily the hardest type of boarding in the movie. In this failure example I'm a touch long and bounce off the front of the Sentinel.

03:15 This clip and the next one are from a later session when I had another go at getting a return trip, having initially given up on that because of how hard the boarding was. Turning right instead of left. I board okay but fall off as the Sentinel heads for home. I manage to tag it though, and you hear its destruction.

03:32 After umpteen tries, a return at last. The Sentinel ends up stationary below the opening, and I tag it.

03:59 (Adding plasma boost) For the rest of the movie I'm doing a running jump with plasma boost, thus grenade jumping onto the Sentinel. No return this time.

04:14 My first return using plasma boost. It's very quick too, as I boarded the Sentinel when it was already close to where it would normally turn to head for home.

04:41 Just as I'm about to get back inside, I'm pushed off by the top of the opening. Arrgh! Should've ducked I guess.

04:59 This was unusual. I end up at the opening with the Sentinel still too low to fly in. I might've been able to jump inside, but instead I do an on-the-spot jump to let the Sentinel climb. Unfortunately though, I mess it up and fall off. As I fall to my death, the Sentinel opens fire.

05:30 Just as I hop off to make my return, the Sentinel gets hostile and opens fire. It's stationary below the opening. I jump back onto it, and destroy it for fun. Good for comedy, bad for my health!

06:18 (Mid-air transfer) For my final trick, a return trip involving a mid-air transfer. Took quite a few tries though! I was glad to finally get that done.

Closing remarks Except for the last two 'turning jump' clips inserted from May 16th when I had another go at getting a return trip (and finally managed it), the gameplay was done on May 14th and the clips are in chronological order.

With this realease, my movies have now caught up with my riding exploits. I'm not sure if there'll be any more on that. Maybe I'll see how much further I can take my balancing record though.