BCM430 - Backstop Sentinels combat fun

(6:54) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Heroic. More fun with the backstop Sentinels, and this time it's all about attacking them. I've used various set-ups here, including some where I obtained other weapons from Flood then returned with a delayed checkpoint. For advice on that, see my associated new article.

Released May 19th 2020, gameplay recorded May 8th-12th 2020.


00:02 (Early wipeouts) In the first clip I use a plasma rifle from the left opening, but in the remaining three I use the middle opening, to be symmetrically placed. In the final clip I'm back to using a plasma rifle, but at the end I do a descent for fun, and to survey some wreckage.

01:08 (Melee onslaught) In this first melee onslaught I begin by smiting two Sentinels from behind as they cruise though. The next one is harder going, taking eleven hits, the last being from the rear. Then the final Sentinel takes five hits, again ending with a strike from the rear.

01:52 (Shotty assault) Three clips using a shotgun now, ending with a speedy play in which each Sentinel is destroyed with one shot. Very enjoyable, those point-blank shots.

02:56 (Mid-air melee) Next, four mid-air melees, and on the middle two I even manage a safe landing! The third landing doesn't go so well. Couldn't stop.

03:44 (Melee onslaught, round 2) Two Sentinels are ambushed with rear hits, and I soon get a rear hit on the next Sentinel too. The final Sentinel is a bit of a slog.

04:19 (Needles) Wiping out the Sentinels with needles is very easy, but those bangs are rather satisfying. Three examples here. In the final one, a Sentinel goes curiously vertical when it arrives.

05:11 (Plasma balls) Using plasma balls is very easy too. But again, it's satisfying. In the first clip we have another example of an arriving Sentinel going vertical, before getting ambushed.

05:59 (Hot lead) Finally, two rounds of AR drilling. At the end, the last Sentinel appears to be trying to hunker down behind the shield, but that doesn't help it much, and I tag it for fun.

Closing remarks One bit of combat fun I didn't illustrate here is attacking from outside after descending. That was mostly because the Sentinels wouldn't have shown up very well in the image. They tend to blend in with the ship surface above them, and the effect would've been even worse by the time things got rendered out to my 640 x 450 image size. But it's not a very interesting challenge anyway, or at least not on Heroic, where it's hard to even destroy one Sentinel.

This is the movie whose release I delayed in favour of getting out my new developments on Sentinel riding, comprising the last two movies. Talking of which, it looks like I'll be doing another two movies on that topic. They're already shaping up nicely.