BCM433 - Special ops hog boost fun

(5:30) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Heroic. Earlier I did three movies involving a fleeing special ops squad, but now here's another bit of fun you can get out of them. Something explosive!

Released May 31st 2020, gameplay recorded May 25th-30th 2020.


00:02 At the start here, I briefly show the easy set-up work, namely getting a post-rendezvous checkpoint deep into the ship. Then I proceed to get a first hog boost, which causes a neat somersault.

00:41 From here on, the movie just comprises plays from not only that set-up but also a few others. There's not a lot to talk about but I'll comment on a few of the clips. In this one I get ejected and immediately start needling the surviving Elite, the other having been splattered.

01:03 For making the movie I was initially using a couple of set-ups where I had a needler, but later I created some set-ups where I had a shotgun, to add variety. Here's a first bit of shotty action.

01:26 Nice corkscrew! The hog ends up blocking an Elite, and I blast it, killing him, before doing a spot more rocketing with the Grunts. In retrospect I wish I'd let the Grunts gather at the hog where I suspect they would've joined the Elite in fruitless running, and I could've blasted the whole lot from behind.

03:04 Oops, got a bit close when needling that second Elite!

03:18 Here's an example of getting killed outright by the boost.

04:38 Bit careless at the end there Mr. Cyborg!

Closing remarks I noticed this hog boosting potential back in April when doing my earlier work with the special ops squad, but I actually misunderstood what was going on. I thought the boost was a random explosion associated with the ship. A sort of booby trap planted by Bungie (there are various places you can get blasted by a ship explosion, as you've probably noticed). I planned to do a movie, and the description was going be something like "Warthog booby trap fun". It was only after I recently began making the movie that I finally realised the true cause, namely dropped plasmas getting detonated by fire. Doh! I was so used to splattering those Grunts, they'd barely crossed my mind.

This also cleared up the mystery of why the boost was so random in terms of occurrance and effect. That was something I wasted many hours on, testing multiple set-ups to see what success rates I could get. When I eventually did some testing in which the Grunts had already got clear, I mysteriously wasn't getting any boosts; and that's when I cottoned on to my misunderstanding.