BCM437 - 38-covie glasshouse battle x3, rocket launcher & AR

(6:45) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. In this second instalment using my 38-covie boosted glasshouse battle set-up, it's time to inject some extra bang as I go in heavy with a rocket launcher and assault rifle, a highly satisfying weapon combo to use.

Released July 13th 2023, gameplay recorded May 14th-15th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Start zone) For this first play I'm initially fighting in the start zone. Things quickly get a bit hectic with three Elites coming along to say hello, but they're each dealt with quite nicely. The first with a tag, the second with a rocket, and the third with AR drilling.

00:36 Along with dispatching various minor covies, I have some fun firing rockets at the glasshouse ceiling, looking to cause casualties with blast damage. My fourth blast causes a red Elite to come raging out, and I'm ready to finish him off with the AR.

01:39 Now I bounce two plasmas off the ceiling, and also use another rocket for good measure. Result: another Elite taken care of. After topping up my rocket supply and drilling a Grunt who comes down the ramp, I head up and find the place empty.

01:59 Two rockets send the four Jackals flying (very satisfying that was), and then it's just a case of wiping out the remaining Grunts with excessive rockety violence.

02:39 (Play 2 - Going right) In the last movie I showed one particular tactic I like to use when heading down the right (a sneaky plasma for openers), but here's another favourite. A first frag bounces in off the siding and wipes out the nearer Grunts, then a follow-up frag clears the ground beyond. I can then get to work on the covies further back. In this play I use a rocket to take out the blue Elite.

02:58 A short while later I face a major threat in the form of two red Elites, but that goes pretty well, the second getting rocketed towards me and finished off with a whack.

03:19 After wiping out some Grunts and Jackals I get taken by surprise when a red Elite springs my way. Already with launcher in hand, I rocket him dangerously close and suffer blast damage. Along with a spot of enemy plasma fire, I'm suddenly one health bar away from death. Fortunately I'm able to kill a threatening Grunt and recharge, but it was a close thing.

03:53 A ceiling rocket plus plasma grenade kills one of the three Elites in the glasshouse (and sends a Grunt flying out the window), then I move in for some closer work and end up employing a Grunt bomb, which takes out the remaining two Elites.

04:28 (Play 3 - Going left) Heading down the left I use a Jackal bomb to wreak a bit of havoc, and moments later a red Elite is down. Two more turn up but get sandwiched between a frag and a rocket, which doesn't go well for them. The fourth and last of the ground Elites is a blue who gets drilled by my AR after I hear him get weakened by a frag blast.

05:06 Advancing from cover turns out to be a mistake as my launcher needed reloading, something I think I'd forgotten about. In the time it takes to reload, the enemy pressure quickly ramps up, but I recognize the danger and take decisive action fast, beating a hasty retreat back to cover. Not very dignified, but it did save me from losing any health.

05:23 After drilling a Grunt, I use a rocket and frag to kill a red Elite who was bothering me from the bottom of the nearby ramp. Moments later I rocket another in the same place, but this time I let the Elite rage my way, to get amusingly terminated with a whack.

05:51 Finally I advance again. Things are much safer this time, and it's easy to wipe out the Grunts down the left.

06:11 Grabbing a new launcher, I fire a rocket up a ramp at a Grunt but it goes annoyingly wide. How'd I miss that? My next rocket kills two or three Grunts though. In subsequently trying to get the remaining Elite, I try the tactic of rocketing a plasma up the ramp, but it doesn't come off, so I just head up and finish things at closer range.

Closing remarks Like I said, a highly satisfying weapon combo to use, in glasshouse battling. But don't go away; there's another great weapon combo coming up in the final instalment. It involves needles of course. We must have needles!