BCM441 - Tower zone megabattle, another four plays

(6:27) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Here are another four varied plays of my tower zone megabattle set-up, including some hectic fighting in the tower for the first time. Also watch out for a Grunt who gets a nasty headache!

Released August 8th 2023, gameplay recorded July 29th - August 8th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Shade slope) This first play features a highly enjoyable defence spot, up on the Shade slope outside the front door, from where some covies were firing down on me in play 1 of the last movie. Great opportunities for rocketing, as you can see. I get two nice rockets off straight away before being caught by a plasma ball. But the guy who fired it paid the price with my next rocket!

As it happens, my initial two rockets took out both of the red Elites, which makes the downhill-facing phase easier than usual, with only blues leading the charge. Among the highlights, a nice rocketing of a line of panicking Grunts (four killed I think), and just after that, a very satisfying close-range rocket on a charging Hunter, sending out chunks of material. Any closer and I might've killed myself! But I was aware of that danger and thought I just had time. Eventually the final covies are wiped out with the aid of a Grunt bomb, heh heh!

01:22 (Play 2 - Banshee carnage) There was a little bit of Banshee carnage at the end of my set-up movie BCM439, but now here's a full play. It includes a nice mowing attack around 1:50 (can't afford many of those, in view of the damage you usually take), and a rather amusing chain reaction which sends two blue Elites flying in opposite directions, just after 2:13. Eventually my Banshee is down to only one health bar, but I blast a last Jackal to finish the job.

02:56 (Play 3 - Indoors via the front) I did a load of plays for this segment. Initially I was using a plasma rifle and AR, but later I switched to a rocket launcher and AR for more spectacle. Another development was realising I could flip the Wraith back over with the Banshee so it could amusingly make covies jump or even get one squashed. That would make a nice little feature I thought. This play was one of the rare cases where I got a covie squashed, namely an unfortunate Grunt. You can see the squashing rather well.

Another thing to mention is that some of my flying was to help the Hunters get to the door. In early plays I was taking a more direct route, but the Hunters typically lost track and ended up out of the main action. Here they eventually make it into the entry passage. My flying was also intended to try and draw everyone else to the front door, but very often there were some covies who went around the back to come up behind me. In this play two Jackals do that, and I have some launching fun with the last one to finish off.

Incidentally, the Banshee blast around 3:13 was to take out the rear Shade Grunt. He was never reaching the door in the plays I was doing. At best he only got part way there then stoped. So eventually I settled on the practice of blasting him during my flying, at least when he was fairly isolated (didn't really want to kill anyone else). There are actually some loose plasmas near him from Elites I killed in during set-up, and in this play they get detonated.

05:11 (Play 4 - Corner spot near the Shade plateau) I had a blast playing over here. A great little area for close-range scrapping, with two big rocks for cover. This particular play features a good deal of running around, slaughtering covies here and there. Oh, and a lot of Grunts running around screaming too. They really don't do a lot of helping this time, and around 5:54 a couple of them get converted into mobile bombs.

Closing remarks Seems like the beak brigade provided a lot of the endings this time. Those last three plays all ended with an airborne Jackal! Anyway, stay tuned; another four plays coming up shortly!