BCM442 - Tower zone megabattle, another four plays

(6:32) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Opening with some apocalyptic action in the tower's back passage, here are yet another four varied plays of the tower zone megabattle set-up seen created in BCM439.

Released August 9th 2023, gameplay recorded July 29th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Indoors via the back) The last movie delivered a first dose of indoor fun via the front door, but now it's time to do the same for the back. At the start of this play my flying helps lead the Hunters to the door. They could otherwise lose touch and fail to be part of the main action. Talking of which, that goes pretty well. 'Apocalyptic' might be a good term. At times I couldn't even see what I was shooting at!

After it's all clear, I go back via the balcony to see to the rear Shade Grunt, who's been dawdling again. In all my plays, he never did get to the back door. I'd usually find him hereabouts, out on the snow. It's fun to drop in from above and give him a surprise though.

01:26 (Play 2 - Pistol fall-back) Bringing a pistol into the proceedings for the first time, I execute a fall-back defence down the front side of the tower after grabbing the pistol at the supply area. My initial few seconds of flying, including a slight pause, were to help draw the Hunters around the corner so they'd follow.

One of the Hunters ends up being an amusing part of the battle when I get into a phase of dodging him while attacking his pals. In addition to which, he sends a Grunt flying with a wayward swipe!

03:08 (Play 3 - To and fro on the ice) This play gives an example of how you can make the mob move to and fro by changing your location (not the Hunters though; they have a different dynamic). It's something you can potentially do in multiple places, and as you can see, it can give you a nice shooting gallery! At the end I take the time to also pile in some needles on the two Shade Grunts, as they're nearby.

04:51 (Play 4 - Shade plateau) Perching on top of the Shade plateau is a pretty obvious thing to do, and with a rocket launcher it's plenty of fun, as seen here. My plasma throw around 5:42 is amusing. The Elite runs forward and gets himself tagged. What a dope. Another nice feature is the long-range tagging and launching of the rear Shade Grunt just afterwards. Tricky throw, but it catches him on one of his feet, which is ideal for launching.

Closing remarks Okay that's twelve plays of the set-up so far, and I hope they're keeping you amused. But don't go away; I've got another eight lined up, there was so much battle variety to be had!