BCM443 - Tower zone megabattle, another four plays

(6:33) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Taking us now to sixteen rounds of carnage with the tower zone megabattle set-up seen created in BCM439, here are a further four plays - including a second outing in my Ghost plus a sneaky spot of ambushing!

Released August 11th 2023, gameplay recorded July 31st 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Trees by the ice) Defending at the trees on the edge of the Wraith's ice patch was a rather tough job with my set-up, as the mob doesn't have far to go before they'll be swarming all over me. But here I improve my chances by arranging some extra cover in the form of the Wraith. That considerably cuts down the enemy firing lines as I move around trying to stay alive. I did a lot of plays for this plan and had several good ones to choose from for the movie, but I chose this one because it demonstrates something else you can do with an intact Wraith: blow it up to cause damage to nearby covies.

01:20 (Play 2 - Rocks near the supplies) After blasting and ramming the Shade, I grab a pistol and set about defending from the rocks and tree near the supplies. A good spot, and high time I featured it. Watching the footage just now though, I found myself wondering where the second red Elite was. Had he somehow failed to turn up? But no, he was there. You can see his body flying through the air around 2:04.

02:54 (Play 3 - Ghost carnage) I used a Ghost already back in BCM440, but this time I use it rather differently, leading covies to a nice choke point at the side of the low plateau, where I set about slaughtering them. There's an amusing bit around 3:54 when a Grunt accidentally tags a red Elite. Very handy that was! Actually there was also an incident just before that, when a plasma took out an advancing blue Elite. At the end, bodies litter the ground. An excellent scene of carnage.

Of course, there was actually a Ghost already at this location, so I could've just flown there. But using the one I set up gave me an opportunity to demonstrate another quick boarding under enemy pressure. This time I boarded from the side though.

04:37 (Play 4 - Column ambush) The mob can actually be triggered to head into the tower when you're still outside it, and in this example I exploit the dynamic to ambush the column of covies as they pass - although I do take damage from a red Elite who pauses to make use of his plasma rifle. Overall the pressure isn't great though, and I have some fun trying to tag covies as they head past and away.

Eventually a Grunt makes it to the balcony but I needle him, and subsequently enter the tower to mop up the few other covies who entered. Plus the cloaked guard of course.

Closing remarks Not quite finished with this sequence. One last set of plays to come!