BCM453 - Tunnel megabattle, more base fighting

(6:51) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Continuing with the set-up from the last movie, here are another four base fights, highlighting various tactics. Lots of needler and AR use as before, but also some plasma weapons plus and Ghost action.

Released September 3rd 2023, gameplay recorded August 30th - September 1st 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Hump use) This play highlights the use of the hump, which provides good cover and makes a nice attack point. I especially enjoy sending in long streams of needles here. Would be nice to have some spare weapons handy, but you could arrange that if you like.

I was pleased with the Jackal tag around 1:08. He was rolling and I targeted his back. A tricky target in the heat of the moment, but I got him. At the end of the battle I'm taken by surprise by a Hunter who was quietly lurking behind a rock. I'm a bit boxed in so I can't dodge his whack, but I get him with needles thereafter.

02:03 (Play 2 - Ghost action) A round of Ghost play now, and there's a highlight early on when I scythe down two blue Elites after briefly venturing into enemy territory. That's the main reason I selected this play for inclusion. I can't recall cutting down two Elites like that before.

Right at the start of the play I righted the covie designated Ghost so the Elites can use it, but it takes a while before it gets into the action. It very briefly gets manned early on, but my plasma fire kills the pilot before he's even got time to get the thing moving. When I finally destroy it around 3:14, the blast also takes out a few Jackals. Nice!

03:36 (Play 3 - Sneaky start, and Ghost pilot kills) You can enjoy being sneaky at the start, for example as seen here. The other main feature of this play is the fun of killing Ghost pilots. I get one with needles before he's even got the Ghost moving, and the second pilot gets tagged.

For a bit of a change from the needler and AR, I pick up some plasma weapons during this fight. Initially a plasma rifle, and later a plasma pistol which comes in handy for getting rid of Jackal shields.

05:29 (Play 4 - Forward assault) This last play shows a 'forward assault', where you quickly advance to assault the covies from a forward position. There's good cover offered by the first rock, and you can really sock it to 'em. A key aspect: if you're far enough forward, they won't be triggered to advance to the base area. You can exploit that knowledge to keep them in check.

In this play however, I deliberately back off a few times to cause some covies to advance when I want them to. In particular I do that around 5:40, giving me a couple of blue Elites to dispatch at close quarters, both of them getting drilled and tagged. I later get another blue Elite to advance, but I make a minor mistake by not quite putting him down. After he starts raging, I put two needles into him which I thought was going to finish him off, but it wasn't quite enough. No harm done though, and I finish him with AR fire.

The play has an amusing ending. After it seems like the fighting is over, a Grunt in the darkness opens up with his plasma pistol. I instantly reply with a stream of needles. The explosion kills him, and also sets off a loose plasma which kills his buddy.

Closing remarks That forward assaulting was excellent fun. I'm thinking I might do a whole movie on that activity later on. We'll see.