BCM455 - Tunnel megabattle, more up-flow action

(6:38) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. More plays of the up-flow set-up used in the last movie, but this time there's a lot of Ghost business going on. In the first three plays I use a Ghost to get back past the mob, while in the fourth play I let them have a Ghost.

Released September 6th 2023, gameplay recorded September 2nd-6th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Using the corner Ghost) Although it's fairly hazardous, I found that I could switch to the Ghost in the corner to use that to get back past the covies instead. Makes a change. In this play I stay seated to use the Ghost for the actual battling too. There's some mass panic around 1:08 after I've killed a bunch of Elites, and I try to capitalise on it by pouring plasma fire into the sides of Jackals.

01:43 (Play 2 - Extra space, deep attack) Here I start with the Banshee, briefly getting the attention of the rearmost covies to try and draw them down further. That creates good space at the middle rocks, which I reach with the same Ghost as before but this time splattering both Hunters on the way. I'm subsequently able to attack well forward of the middle rocks, although enemy pressure somewhat holds me in check.

03:03 (Play 3 - Using the other Ghost) Using the other Ghost for transport was more tricky, but here I use a grenade diversion to give me a bit more time to board before the inevitable storm of enemy fire gets me. This Ghost is usable by the Elites of course, and in the subsequent battling I have some fun by offering it up to them.

04:40 (Play 4 - Letting them have it) This time I considerately right the nearby Ghost to let the covies use it from the outset, while I head up the tunnel in the Banshee, blasting a Grunt on the way. It takes quite a while for the Ghost to actually turn up at the scene of battle (which isn't unusual), and I initially miss it with both a close-range rocket and a plasma grenade. But I eventually get it with my final rocket.

Closing remarks Got some pretty good Ghost-themed action out of my set-up there. More up-flow battling coming next, but with a different set-up and with lots of needles!