BCM459 - Tunnel megabattle, up-flow sniping & rocketing

(6:34) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Still more up-flow battling in the tunnel megabattle. As in the last movie, I modify a previous set-up (the same one) and then get battling. But this time I get a sniper rifle and rocket launcher and I checkpoint at the upper rocks, a good starting point for long-range defence.

Released September 15th 2023, gameplay recorded September 9th-12th 2023.


00:02 (Modifying) The modification process is the same as in the last movie, except that I pick up different weapons and checkpoint at the upper rocks.

00:51 (Play 1 - Upper rocks) The seven Elites are quite quickly eliminated here (the first two by a rocket, the rest by sniping), which frees me up to run around mostly using the rocket launcher.

02:07 (Play 2 - Exit rock perch) Nice little perch at the tunnel exit here. In some earlier playing I was using the lower darker rock just in front of it, but later I switched to the bigger one, which gives you a slightly better view. At the start of this play I briefly venture near the mob to give them the scent, so they hopefully don't stand around much. Near the end I rocket a panicking Jackal and briefly watch him flying into the tower zone, but I get into trouble doing that. The few remaining minor covies open up with a bombardment, and by the time I've wiped them out, I've lost two health bars.

03:31 (Play 3 - Upper boulder perch) Had good fun with both weapons up on this boulder. My favourite bit in this play is around 3:54 when I slam a rocket into the Ghost, just after it's been manned.

04:54 (Play 4 - Banshee nose perch) Perching on the nose of the Banshee can give you a nice elevated view, but you do need to be well back, so you don't get a boarding prompt (which could interfere with a desire to manually reload).

Closing remarks I've previously shown quite a bit of sniper rifle use for the normal down-flow dynamic, so I thought it would be good to also give some idea of what sniping looks like with an up-flow dynamic. Hence the movie. But I think that'll do for the tunnel megabattle for now. Next, I plan to switch back to the tower zone megabattle to cover some more stuff there.