BCM463 - Tower zone megabattle, sniper rifle & launcher x4

(6:48) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Continuing with the set-up used in the last movie, here are another four battles using the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, including a rather leisurely one up on a distant ledge. And in fact I've got an elevated position in all the plays.

Released September 24th 2023, gameplay recorded September 18th-23rd 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Shade plateau) This plateau makes a rather nice perch for attacking the covies as they head along the back of the tower and gather below, and as you can see, I have a pretty good time of things with the rifle and launcher. The reason I chose this particular play for the movie though, among others I recorded for this location, was for the comical ending with the hysterical panicking Grunt, getting shot in the back just when he's almost over the rise.

01:36 (Play 2 - Shade slope) Up on the Shade slope now, and the covies make a fine array of targets as they head my way, although I really don't get as long as I would've liked for sniping. As with the first battle, this one has an amusing ending with a Grunt. "Can't… run… with… thing… on…" BLAM! That's really why I chose it.

02:44 (Play 3 - Far ledge) I was up on a ledge in the last movie, but this time I go all the way to the end of the battlefield for my perch, and proceed to have fun picking off covies at great distance with the sniper rifle, as well as using a few rockets. I could've used more rockets and taken significantly longer having my fun, but I made this play fairly brisk in the interest of movie pace, and still being able to fit in four plays.

Some covies make it to the trees below me - in fact I deliberately let some get through - and eventually I descend to take care of them, rocketing a Jackal as I cushion my fall with the cliff base.

05:12 (Play 4 - Pipe perch) For the final round I came up with this novel perching location, up on a pipe at the back of the tower. On the relatively distant troops I mostly use sniping, and as for troops that make it to the vicinity of the tree below, where they're able to pressure me, I mostly use rockets and grenades.

Around 6:25 there are only a few covies left and I drop to the ground, easily cushioning my fall with the sloping leg of my Banshee. I could instead have used cushioning from a rock though.

Closing remarks Oddly enough, I hadn't actually intended the movie to have the theme of elevated firing locations. That commonality only crossed my mind when writing this commentary. The movie just ended up that way.