BCM477 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob plays x5

(6:54) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Five more plays of the rear mob set-up, covering some more battle plans you can enjoy, three of them a bit further afield than last time.

Released April 15th 2024, gameplay recorded April 11th-15th 2024.


00:02 (Shade plateau) Attacking the mob from up on the Shade plateau is a pretty obvious idea, and in this case I do it mainly with rockets, after grabbing the launcher. When I get around to the Ghost, my first rocket causes it to somersault with the pilot still aboard; then the second causes a satisfying boom. My descent from the plateau is a bit clumsy as I hadn't actually done much practice of that. But at least the fall doesn't kill me, and I'm able to rocket the Hunter to finish as planned.

01:16 (Far shadow area) In the opening play of the last movie I defended near a solitary rock in the shadow, but this time I back off further where there are three rocks and a tree. For good measure I also add the Banshee. The enemy Ghost escapes my early tag attempt (throw was too high), and subsequently causes me quite a bit of damage from distance. Eventually I break from cover to go after it (a bit risky), and manage a tag. The pilot's death then gives rise to a good bit of grunty panic.

Incidentally, one of the Hunters failed to make it to the defence location. Got left behind. The Hunters were actually a bit problematic in that regard, for this battle plan. Often, at least one would fail to make it - which I think was due to losing sight of me.

02:49 (Cliffside rock) This play is another one where I back off further than in the last movie. The covies initially head for the Shade plateau corner area, but I've continued on quite a way, to a solitary cliffside rock. The Banshee provides some extra cover for a while, but things get dicey and although I prevail, I end up with only one bar of health.

For this play I elected not to give the covies a Ghost. That was partly because I was going to be a bit short on cover, but also just for variation.

04:26 (Near the balcony) For the third time, here's a play where I'm backing off further compared to when the mob used the same attack vector in the last movie (namely the bottleneck). Quite a bit of cover here, stretching along the side of the tower. Good potential for falling back if needed (and the battling was certainly tough here; I got killed on many plays). Nice Grunt bomb in this play. I saw the Grunt heading towards three Elites that had got past me, and quickly decided he might be the solution to my problem. Turns out to be a partial solution. Blast kills two blues, leaving just the red to finish off.

05:49 (Passage assault) The last movie included a passage play, but this time I'm doing it differently, with an entry via the balcony and then - critically - really trying to assault the covies that flood in, rather than holding back to tackle them at a safer distance. I try to forge my way up the passage but it's tough work, and I need a brief retreat to safety before I can finish the affair. Must do some more of this sometime!

Closing remarks More rear mob fun on the way. I'm getting so much good stuff out of this set-up, I've currently got a whole bunch of movies shaping up on the assembly line!