BCM479 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob vehicle plays

(6:56) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Forget all that taxing leg work. Comfy rides beckon now, as we tackle the rear mob with Banshee and Ghost in free-roaming fashion.

Released April 19th 2024, gameplay recorded April 14th 2024.


00:02 (Banshee first) In this first flight, some early blasts look to thin out the covie numbers quite well, freeing me up to risk some low-level attacking. There's a nasty red Elite who becomes quite a danger and is instrumental in taking my Banshee down to only one health bar, but I finally get him with a good blast around 1:08. After mopping up a few other covies, there's a satisfying Ghost boom to finish!

01:32 (Ghost next) The main feature of this Ghost play is the Elite bait episode, in which I get multiple Elites running for the empty Ghost, and enjoy nailing plenty of them. Eventually I let the Ghost get manned though, so I can blow it up.

03:15 (Back to the Banshee) There's further Elite bait mischief in this Banshee play, over towards the tunnel. After I eventually destroy the Ghost, notice how the game instantly removes the wreckage (and some bodies) when I face away. Game was feeling the strain! I must say, I was dangerously low when I destroyed the Ghost. If a loose plasma had been set off, I could easily have been killed. Gotta watch that!

04:24 (Ghost again) I go for a different Ghost this time, and yet again there's some Elite bait fun, with three Elites converging on the empty Ghost at one point (5:12). I let one guy man it though, because I want to make the Ghost go boom. I pick my moment, so the explosion takes out some other covies.

05:52 (Quick last flight) In this last Banshee jaunt I keep the action in the mob's original locale, slaughtering them quite fast. After splattering the original Ghost pilot, two others step to take his place, but neither is terribly successful!

Closing remarks Of course, you could also use the Banshee and Ghost in a more localised fashion, defending at certain locations or whatnot, analogous to what you typically do when fighting on foot. But I went for free-roaming jaunts here, to more fully enjoy the freedom and speed the vehicles offer.