BCM484 - Tower zone megabattle, rear mob indoor vehicle fun

(6:58) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. I don't think we were meant to drive or fly inside the tower, but that's not going to stop me having some Ghost and Banshee fun there with the rear mob!

Released April 28th 2024, gameplay recorded April 21st-22nd 2024.


00:02 (Introduction) This short intro clip is just something I thought to add, to set up the theme. It's partly a reminder that the tower doors only trigger when you're on foot, but also there's a little comedy.

00:28 (Ghost) With so many covies near the back door, driving in that way isn't terribly healthy. So after giving the mob a Ghost to use, I head around to use the front door, switching to a Ghost on the way. I'm quickly reunited with the mob, and the combat gets underway.

In this play I made a deliberate effort to get some varied fighting, moving around to different places rather than just slaughtering the covies as they come down the back passage. During the proceedings, there are individual covies to pursue, and at least one grunty plasma fiend gets on my case. Eventually the covie Ghost joins me inside, but it doesn't last long!

Amusing friendly fire incident around 1:50 by the way. A Hunter shot sails in and kills a Jackal (although you hear it rather than see it).

02:56 (Banshee) A Banshee can quite easily enter the tower via the balcony opening, as seen here. After sending some fire up the back passage to weaken the covie attack, and also blasting the cloaked guard, I get some altitude for safety as the Banshee really can't take much fire. It's a while before I descend, to try and finish off.

The finish is in fact rather novel, compared to the many other Banshee plays I'd done by this point. Around 4:11 I make an aggressive surge towards the back passage and find myself actually inside it. I seem to be free to move, so I make an instant decision to go for the door. Fortunately it doesn't close on me so I'm able to make it out - after which it closes, as I killed the last foot soldier. It's also fortunate that the chain reaction I set off with a fuel rod blast is over by the time I'm emerging!

That passage traversal was new to me. I couldn't recall having cruised down it in square-on fashion like that before, and certainly not during my playing for the movie.

Anyway, once I'm out, there's a nice bit of Banshee swirling and I end up destroying the Ghost with a fuel rod blast. In view of the interesting passage exit plus the satisfying Ghost destruction, I knew this play needed to be in the movie.

04:33 (Ghost again, but hot entry) Another Ghost play now, but this time I demonstrate a hot entry via the back door. It can actually be okay if you do it well, with minimal time spent at the door. Of course, in this example some of the covies had been drawn somewhat away from the door, in following my earlier path. So that helped. And you could make it easier still be drawing them further away beforehand. Incidentally, when I briefly pause at the door, a Grunt throws a plasma and you can subsequently hear it killing some friendlies.

As for the indoor combat, this time I focus on the passage, trying to keep things contained there, although a few covies do get past me and have to be dealt with. At one point I briefly dismount to send in a grenade, hoping to get a good chain reaction. Doesn't take out many covies - only a single Grunt in fact - but it gives the walls a nice coating of purple at least.

Eventually I go outside for a bit of a Ghost duel, but soon my opponent falls out, and at that point I switch to plan B for an amusing ending.

Closing remarks Definitely got a pleasing movie out of the 'vehicles in the tower' idea. Glad I tried it out!