BCM493 - Sleeping Grunts room, three more ways

(7:35) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. In the last movie, much of the play variation was down to the different weapon combos used. In this sequel however, I highlight some structurally different ways of having fun with the room. In particular, two of the plays focus on using the inner area, rather than (as I mostly did before) going around the outside.

Released May 25th 2024, gameplay recorded May 21st-24th 2024.


00:02 (Inner play) In this inner play I have a nice run-around with lots of tagging along the way, including a Grunt running in panic through one of the tunnels. Eventually I head to the outside to mop up (I needed to speed things along so I could fit three plays into the movie), but at the end I realise there's still a Grunt back at the start, on the other side of the wall. I'm just about to head back to get him, when I change my mind and try a ceiling throw instead. Job done!

02:20 (Shelf play) This time I go up on the first shelf for some sniping and rocketing. The blue Elite is sniped early but the red doesn't appear for ages. He was doubtless immobilised on the skirting near the inner area's entrance. As you may've noticed, these patrolling Elites often get stuck like that. Seems like this one got free somehow.

Just before the red shows up, I do a nice long-range tag on a Grunt at one of the high openings. That was something I specifically wanted to have in my play. Two more little highlights come just after I kill the red. First I shoot a panicking tunnel runner, which is another thing I wanted (for the humour), then I score a nice 'porthole' shot. That whole sequence starts around 3:45. And by the way, if you're wondering why I hold my sniper aim for a good few seconds after shooting the tunnel runner, it's because I thought another Grunt might be following. I'd caught what I thought was a glimpse of one. However, now that I look at the footage, that second Grunt was running behind the tunnel. It may've been the one I shot through the porthole.

I could've spent longer looking for shots from the shelf before switching to the outside to finish off, but as with the first play, I was under some time pressure in connection with movie duration. Actually that was even more the case here. It was quite hard getting plays which were short enough.

05:19 (Reverse battle) For this third slot I thought I'd demonstrate a 'reverse' battle, in which you fight starting from the end of the outer area. It just makes a change to be fighting in the opposite direction from normal. I use the tunnels quite a bit, but initially make a mess of attacking the Elites, missing with a plasma ball. Later on, I deliberately make the blue Elite rage, so he'll come after me in the outer area; and that's where I finish him off.

Closing remarks This sequel arose from reflection after making the last movie. In regard to the three non-stealth plays in that movie, I'd created variation by using different weapon combos and to some extent using different routes, though not in any particularly structured way. But afterwards I thought about things and isolated some options to do with the territory you use. Three notable options being (a) the inner area, (b) the shelves in particular, and (c) the tunnels that border the inner area. Well, here I've featured the first two specifically, and also included a good bit of tunnel use in the third play, the notion of fighting in the opposite direction from normal.

So all in all, I think I've now got much better coverage of the room's potential. I'm definitely going to need to show some action on Legendary though, for meatier combat. That's coming!