BCM51 - Massed Hunters, hog fun with Stacker

(5:04) Level 4 ('The Silent Cartographer') on Heroic. This shows some explosive fun involving six Hunters plus Stacker and an Aussie on a hog, having set things up as described in my article Massed Hunters.

Released June 27th 2012, gameplay recorded October 11th 2011.


00:02 (Clip 1) This first spot of amusement starts with a novel game of skittles, in which the hog gets blasted towards the Hunters by passing over a plasma grenade at just the right time. There are no immediate casualties - they jumped pretty sharpish - but Stacker's soon busy with the chain-gun after a moment of protest. The aussie runs for home though; you can see the yellow dot clearing off my tracker. I suspect he got away as the Hunters aren't great shots. I do some dodging and shooting and pull off three tags, but after a while I realize things have gone quiet. Once I get rid of my attackers (no thanks to two wasted frags) I take a closer look and there's an amusing stand off going on between Stacker and two Hunters. I think the Hunters consider themselves too close to fire, and as for Stacker, I don't think he can quite get low enough elevation. Eventually I break the deadlock and Stacker starts up again, briefly peppering me too - not that I can blame him as I was being pretty gung-ho. But when he's finally blasted it's left to me to finish off.

01:58 (Clip 2) Here I park the hog just on top of the rise and let nature take its course. A first Hunter blast lifts the front of the hog and then a couple more send it flying. Nice ride for the guys… or maybe not. I track the aussie but there's no need for a medic.

02:13 (Clip 3) This time the hog takes a stronger blast but lands on its wheels with Stacker still on the job,and I catch some nice footage of him in action. "Sushi!"

02:42 (Clip 4) I think that was four shots hitting the hog at once, with two sailing underneath. Anyway, nice punt, and the hog hits the cliff with a good old klunk.

02:51 (Clip 5) Good shots these Hunters eh? You'd think they were blind. They only finally make contact with the hog when I hop up onto the bonnet. Not fair!

03:06 (Clip 6) This time I show a bit of solidarity with the guys. All for one, one for all!

03:15 (Clip 7) Okay let's try another spot. Stacker survives a hog somersault again, but he's not so lucky with the next blast.

03:28 (Clip 8) Another hefty blast sends the hog flying, and this time Stacker's ejected. He's game for a bit of action on foot though: "Pick 'em up and lay 'em down Marines, let's go!" Full marks for courage but no marks for dodging skills, as he soon gets batted into oblivion.

03:48 (Clip 9) Another fatal hog launch, oh dear.

03:53 (Clip 10) "Lot's of 'em over here sir!" Yeah thanks for that Stacker, I never would've noticed.

03:58 (Clip 11) Yet another fatal hog launch, this time with the hog parked a bit nearer the sea.

04:02 (Clip 12) Just some pretty footage of Stacker chain-gunning while green plasma flies past.

04:08 (Clip 13) It's ejection time for Stacker again, and once more he sets off into battle: "Lock and load, we got some fightin'!" This time however, it's me who comes a cropper, and I end up sailing towards the interior of the island.

04:34 (Clip 14) "Uh! I'm hit!" Hold firm Stacker, the movie's almost over!

04:39 (Clip 15) See how that AR goes spinning around? Did it get hit by chain-gun fire to make it do that? And hey, that loose frag seems to practically jump off the bonnet! Freaky.

04:46 (Clip 16) One last hog launch. Stacker gets ejected but is then caught by a nasty multi-blast follow-up, hee hee! Just wasn't his day.

Closing remarks I did this gameplay back near when I was working on BCM42, another massed Hunter movie. I was just playing around with a manned hog and thought some of the footage could make an amusing movie, so I put it aside for a later date.