BCM72 - 343 Guilty Spark, low down and close up

(3:36) Level 7 ('The Library') on Heroic. This shows the Monitor very low down, an unusual situation I encountered in the course of creating the two door battle save used in BCM71. Unsure of just how unusual it was, I recorded this footage before moving on. In fact he'd descended to take a look at a Flood body - one of the guards at the first door on the third floor. I take a good close look at him and make him protest a bit.

Released March 18th 2013, gameplay recorded March 11th 2013.


00:02 The footage starts a few minutes after encountering the Monitor low down over a Flood body. Originally there was a plasma rifle by the body, but I removed it so I wouldn't keep getting a distracting pick-up message on the screen while moving around for a close look. After moving in close and crouching, I start with a slow orbit of him.

00:28 I give him a whack with my pistol, and he gives me a good telling off: "Please, control your temper!". He tracks me for a while after that before returning to normal. Actually he seems to be looking too high when tracking me - perhaps because the programming hasn't taken account of my crouch.

00:48 I move around the back for a close look at his inner areas from above (nice blue shading huh?), but then I notice him wobbling back and forth as if in a playful manner, so I go back around the front to watch it.

01:07 Another look round the back, then I whack him again. He rotates to face me but there's no protest so I try again. Still nothing. A bit of shooting then? I whip out my AR (partly because I didn't want to use up many pistol rounds) and give him a bit of lead. Finally a reaction: "We have much more important business here!". I try again and get "Please stop firing your weapon!". He tracks me as I orbit, and for a while I get in close and see if I can out-rotate him, but he's pretty fast.

01:51 Now he's back to normal, I'm able to go around his side and back again, and I briefly get almost directly overhead.

02:10 Another pistol whack elicits a further protest - "That is completely unnecessary!" - then he does a bit of singing and I get a good view of how his frontal glow alters with his voice.

02:25 My flashlight expires, but that's ok; we can take a look at him glowing in the gloom! I do a slow orbit. Those glowing blue stripes on his side are nice don't you think?

02:48 Yet another pistol whack, and I get the "important business" line again, after which he rotates as I try to orbit. But he's back to normal at 3:12, which you can tell by how he lowers his view.

03:20 My last whacks elicit the line "Are you finished yet?", and when he subsequently hums and says "Ooh that's a good idea", that seems a neat place to fade out. As in, a good idea to finish.

Closing remarks I later investigated the phenomenon of getting a low Monitor, and I'll be releasing an account of it shortly, plus a video tutorial I expect. As such, this movie is a precursor.