BCM95 - Dustbowl megabattle

(5:05) Level 3 ('The Truth and Reconciliation') on Normal. This shows three plays of the dustbowl megabattle seen created in BCM77, featuring 43 covies. I use the ramp defence each time, with needler and AR. These plays are from when I did BCM79. I already showed a triple play with this weapon combo in BCM83, but I had so much fun I wanted to show a few more. They all start with a good bang involving a blue Elite.

Released January 29th 2014, gameplay recorded August 22nd-23rd 2013.


00:02 (Play 1) Yes, no sleeping on the job little grunties - there's a cyborg around! After attracting covies down into the dustbowl (I fired on an Elite near the passage entrance then curved right and waited near a ground light for a while), I grab a needler and get into position. A blue Elite is first to turn up. He gets extensively needled and a secondary needle bang takes out one of his buddies too, then multiple plasmas go off. A nice explosive start. I needle a Jackal, and when I throw a frag it makes a blue Elite dive over the edge, hee hee.

00:31 Switching to the AR, I get busy with some drilling then drop a plasma on the ramp. That stems the flow of minor covies while I deal with a needling red Elite who comes after me. After stopping him with AR fire, I tag him and jump over his head, leaving the slow-witted fool to hopelessly miss a swipe. Moving back across the ramp, I throw a frag but it bounces my way off a Grunt, so I quickly back off. Happily I get clear - unlike a number of covies.

00:46 Another frag does damage as I shelter to the right, but then I've got two blue Elites pushing forward. Time for some serious drilling! I drop a frag after that, hoping for a really nice bang, but disappointingly it only clears a few minor enemies I think. My shield is bleeping now as a red Elite starts giving me some attention with his plasma rifle, and a Grunt gets keen with his needler. A plasma throw delays covies further back while I dodge behind the tree for brief cover, before opting to aggressively go for the red. Putting him down quick is probably my only hope, else I'll be quickly overwhelmed. I kill him with the AR, sending minors into a panic, and eventually I get recharged. Phew!

01:09 A Grunt gets tagged as I move across to the left, and I drop another plasma on the ramp itself. A period of chaotic carnage ensues, during which a Grunt dives off the edge (1:20) to escape a grenade, and I briefly peer over (you can just spot him if you look close - and you can hear his cry). As I move back to the right I tag a rolling Jackal, and soon there's a lull.

01:33 Two Jackals and a Grunt to finish off. I score another tag on a rolling Jackal, and the bang takes care of the Grunt. The final Jackal gets a plasma on the rear end and goes sailing out into the void.

01:53 (Play 2) Here comes a blue Elite again and - ooh dear - BLAM! - there he goes again. Very nice. A blue at the top of the path gets explosively needled, but another charges me and fails to go bang so I switch to the AR. That does for him, and also for a buddy close on his heels. When I throw a frag down, it sends a red Elite over the edge, and things are definitely going well as I dish out the pain to minor enemies with AR and grenades.

02:27 Switching to the needler, I step out from cover to attack but it's a bit of a mistake not to've recharged. My shield is instantly bleeping as I needle a red and make him go bang, but a blue is coming for me. Backing off, I do a tag 'n dodge move at the last moment, leaving him growling behind me as I move across the ramp with AR ready. Unfortunately I catch a plasma ball which sets my shield bleeping again, but a couple of grenades clear things quite nicely.

02:48 Minor enemies arrive at the top of the ramp, and when I needle a grenade throwing Grunt and return a plasma of my own, plentiful carnage ensues. While the explosions are going off I reload, but I'm almost out of needles so I get ready with the AR. Grunts and Jackals press forward and I'm briefly under significant threat when my clip runs out, but eventually I get clear and acquire two plasmas, which finish the job.

03:25 (Play 3) Again there's a blue Elite going bang from my needles at the start, and then I gun for a Grunt. The bang severely weakens a blue Elite close by, who then falls dead from a few needles. As I back off behind the corner rock, I leave a plasma on the ground and it blasts another Elite.

03:41 After throwing a frag on the ground I get busy with the AR. The bang shakes up a red Elite and I quickly finish him with a spot of drilling. A frag further up the ramp likewise damages a red - and other covies - but this time the red gets explosively finished off by my plasma grenade while I shelter behind the left rock. Another plasma goes off at almost the same time (fractionally later), fumbled by a Grunt caught by my frag blast. I throw another frag before reloading my AR, but it only catches one Grunt I think.

03:59 Leaping over the rock, I start doing some damage with my needler, getting a blue Elite. My final frag shakes up another blue and I give him a few needles and a quick smack, which almost seals the deal. A few AR rounds finish him off.

04:08 Mopping up time now, using AR and plasma grenades. After a spot of carnage I head across to the left, drilling a blue-shielded Jackal on the way. Turning, I throw a plasma which bounces off the corner rock and onto a Jackal's leg, ha ha. He subsequently goes flying. Meanwhile a Grunt lobs a plasma my way - "Tossin' one!" - and another Grunt dives off the cliff, to escape either my own grenade or the one being thrown. Rather than backing off, I elect to head back to the right. After running my AR clip dry, I briefly shelter behind the corner rock to reload.

04:35 A blue-shielded Jackal comes into view with plasma pistol charged, but fails to get me. I rake him down and then a Grunt too, then switch to my needler, seeing fresh ammo on the ground. Another Jackal plays hard to get (I was hoping he'd quickly roll then I could drive some needles into him), but I throw a grenade and that soon sorts him out, along with a Grunt. When I hear another Grunt approaching, I opt for a gung-ho approach, charging and needling, then leaping over to get clear before the bang. The bang takes out a following Grunt too, and it makes a nice ending to the battle.

Closing remarks Ok, had enough ramp defence now? In total that makes seven plays I've shown with needler and AR, but don't expect me to apologise. The carnage potential demanded it!