BCM96 - Hunter versus Wraith

(4:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. This shows me trying to get a Hunter blasted to death by a Wraith - an idea which came to me after I saw him jumping clear of a blast. This was during a kill 'em all run on foot, using an AR and needler. I mess up a few times, but that's not too surprising as I hadn't practiced.

Released February 2nd 2014, gameplay recorded Jaunuary 30th 2014.


00:02 In the two-Wraith area I destroyed the first Wraith using grenades and AR fire, and took care of the Ghosts and Jackals and two of the Shades. I also noticed that the high Wraith had fallen down and ended up on the slope into the tunnel. So after backtracking to the crashed Pelican area to load up on supplies, I started recording the play, as I thought the novel Wraith position might be interesting. To start with I take out the final Shade gunner. He's quickly killed because I'd already taken a few long-range shots at him before I backtracked, and presumably some of those hit.

00:16 Wraith sighted! I get busy with plasma grenades but one of them gets blown away, and I decide to kill off the Hunter first before he causes me any trouble. I plan to lead him away from the Wraith so I can kill him safely, but as we're getting clear, a shot sails in and makes him jump, hee hee! That gives me an idea: to get him killed by Wraith fire. And so the main fun begins. I'll pick out a few things to comment on.

01:18 I mess up with the controller here. I accidentally crouch when trying to back off (I do that occasionally; too much downwards pressure on the left thumbstick), hence I don't get clear enough of the blast. At least I only lose one health bar though.

01:37 I take another Wraith blast, and run well clear before another shot sails in to the same location. But the trouble with getting distant from the Hunter is that he'll soon open fire. He gets a shot off - his only one in our whole tango - but I'm already expecting and evading it. Still, this is dangerous work!

01:55 Ouch, another Wraith blast. Got to be more careful! I've still only lost one health bar though, so I'm in decent shape. I close in just before the Hunter opens fire, and he takes a few good blasts after that. On the first of those the Wraith pilot makes a brief utterance on account of damaging a friend. You can hear him doing that a few other times too.

02:08 I mess up again and lose two health bars. Arrgh!

02:57 A near miss, as a Wraith shot flies close over my left shoulder. When things like this happen, an amusing Grunt line often comes to mind. A kind of soft exhaled "Woo-hoo-hoo!" uttered in the face of some airborne hazard or other. Know the one I mean?

03:26 A Wraith shot sails in and I move clear at the same time as the Hunter. I thought I was going to be caught there, but I get away with it.

03:58 With a large area of ground now black from the bombardment, the Hunter gets caught by a close blast. He can't hold out much longer surely!

04:05 As I back off, the Hunter takes another close blast. Then as I move rightwards up the path, he's finally finished by a blast to his rear. Cyborg wins!

04:19 Just the Wraith to deal with now. I start with some AR fire but then speed things up with a few frags.

Closing remarks This was quite good fun and I expect to revisit the theme later, perhaps getting two Hunters blasted to death. There are obviously multiple places you could have fun like this, and I'll probably do some investigation to decide on the best situations.

A couple of times I was a bit clumsy with the controller here, unintentionally doing a crouch when trying to move backwards. I didn't do too badly for something unplanned and unpracticed, but future play will be more polished, I promise.

Incidentally, I continued the kill 'em all run but made a mistake with the next Wraith, which left my health at only one bar with no medkit available. I had to fight very carefully after that, but on the spiral path I became too casual with the Hunters down below and fell victim to some accurate fire. Silly mistake.