KSR1 out-takes

(6:39) Mishaps and mayhem from assorted runs for KSR1.

Released March 4th 2012, gameplay recorded February 23rd - March 2nd 2012.


00:02 (Clip 1) Things start off badly here as I fail to get my frag through the door and end up blasting myself instead. After some synchronized swiping from the Elites I'm dead on the ground in seconds, and a cheeky Grunt lays claim to glory.

00:14 (Clip 2) This time I lose containment. A red gets blasted out, so now I've got covies on two sides and don't have the chance to use an Elite as a blocking shield against other fire. I put the red down and get to work on the blue but empty my clip. Reloading is slow so I try to get on top of things with melee instead, but the Grunts get vicious and I'm toast. Should've switched to my pistol instead.

00:29 (Clip 3) Red Elite gets finished off by a swipe from the blue, hee hee! I've seen that quie a few times. If you're sufficiently quick-witted you can even play for it deliberately by getting close enough to an Elite to tempt him into a whack.

00:38 (Clip 4) Along the passage now, I do a spot of plasma work but misjudge the grenade lobbing ability of a Grunt. I thought the grenade would go to the back left corner which I moved away from, but he modified his aim and got me. At least I smack him in da face before I go bang. That's got to be worth something hasn't it?

00:46 (Clip 5) In this unusual situation a Grunt has managed to escape from the passage. I tag him as I approach the room, but make a right mess of tackling the Elite. I miss a tag and compound my error by getting too close to the blast as I come back to try and get him. Things do not end well.

00:56 (Clip 6) Having just tagged the outer Elite, I head into the inner chamber and miss a tag on a Grunt. I miss the Elite too, and get a nasty surprise when his plasma fire puts me on the deck in a flash. That was because my health was so low of course.

01:06 (Clip 7) Another missed tag on the inner Elite, and when I turn to retreat, I misjudge things and fall down the shaft. Good work eh? It takes years of practice to fall into a hole so fluently.

01:14 (Clip 8) Both Elites are dead here and the minor enemies are in a panic. I hear a humming plasma pistol and see a green glow through the window frame, so I throw a frag through. However, it bounces straight back off a slanted surface and I go flying. A case of being just a bit too clever, one might say.

01:23 (Clip 9) At the exit of the room I'm on the receiving end of some harsh grunty punishment. You really have to be careful not to underestimate the minor enemies here, or this is what might happen!

01:32 (Clip 10) "Huh? Whawazzat?" That was the sound of an approaching cyborg, you grunty fool. And now here's the sound of you and your buddies getting toasted at top speed.

01:37 (Clip 11) On the start of the first bridge I've just tagged the Elite on the lower deck - you'll hear his scream. But when I head up top for a Jackal, I come out the sorry loser in a plasma ball contest. I was surprised I died there, but I did have a damaged shield and only two health bars.

01:45 (Clip 12) Here's a tag which appears to go through the front of the Banshee, putting the pilot in a right tizz. Thought it looked amusing.

01:53 (Clip 13) I really should've at least tried to get clear of that falling Banshee - heck I should've been moving left or right even before it went bang - but I just kind of sighed in resignation and let it come on down. I think I was getting a bit tired by then.

01:59 (Clip 14) I finish off a few Grunts and try to tag the incoming Banshee while moving clear of the plasma just thrown, but evidently I didn't quite move far enough!

02:09 (Clip 15) Here it comes again. After the Banshee swerves out of the path of my first plasma, I quickly try another but it misses. Or at least, it misses to start with. About six seconds later it lands on top at great distance - my freakiest tag ever.

02:21 (Clip 16) At the far end of the bridge I take care of some minor enemies but the gold Elite comes silently running out. For whatever reason, I decide to try and jump over him - and pay the price.

02:29 (Clip 17) Ok let's try that again. I miss a first tag but get him with a second as I leap over his head, leaving him to go bang as I continue on my way. That's more like it eh?

02:39 (Clip 18) I make a terrible mess of the second room here. The cloaked Elite got past my pistol fire while I was partly distracted by shooting at Grunts, and soon I'm in trouble as an aggressive little critter advances to get some grunty revenge. I don't know why I didn't throw a few quick plasmas to make enemies leap away. After I'm dead on the floor, the Elite mutters a rather uncharitable appraisal.

02:50 (Clip 19) As I link up with the first Marines, I lob a quick frag to try and decimate the minor enemies, then I head for the rocket launcher. Unfortunately however, a Wraith blast arrives there at pretty much the same time.

03:00 (Clip 20) Marine lines such as "Catch this!" are not always welcome. In this case it comes from behind me, and pretty soon I'm flying through the air, so I assume the frag was fumbled. There are also some frags dropped by a Marine in front, and I'm pretty sure they go off too for good measure.

03:06 (Clip 21) A little further up the field, I do some fine work on the advancing Jackals and proceed to get busy on the Wraith, only to get run over by an idiot in a Ghost. Arrgh! This illustrates the danger of tagging the Ghost when it attacks, rather than using a rocket. It can end up intact and boardable, so maybe a Marine will hop aboard. Bad news!

03:15 (Clip 22) This time I finish off the Wraith but misjudge things safety-wise. My shield is bleeping and I've only got two health bars left, so it didn't take much to finish me. Should've been more cautious. The movie's title image comes from this clip.

03:24 (Clip 23) Near the end of this first snowfield I developed the tactic of going up the slope to rocket an arriving Elite from above. It can be quite effective, and amusing too, but when I jump down here I realize I've forgotten to reload my pistol ready to finish him off. I throw a quick plasma hoping to buy time but it's not enough, and the Elite has the last laugh. At least I sent the Jackal flying, but it's not much consolation.

03:32 (Clip 24) This is how it's meant to go! C'mon, you can't watch that and not smile huh?

03:37 (Clip 25) Arriving at the next bunch of Marines, I fire a rocket to try and forestall the grunty attack, and especially the lobbing of any plasmas, but I fail to avoid hitting the Marine. Oops! Sarge is not impressed.

03:43 (Clip 26) Same area, but this time my first rocket goes harmlessly into the ground and my second only takes out one Grunt. I pretty much know I'm toast at that point, though I struggle on for a few seconds more.

03:54 (Clip 27) The lesson here would be: don't rocket a Ghost when it's only a couple of metres away, you blithering idiot!

04:00 (Clip 28) Ok, this is more like it! I put this clip in because the second Ghost and Elite went flying in a particularly spectacular way.

04:07 (Clip 29) I go to tag the arriving Ghost - something I'm doing to try and preserve rockets - but get a little too close. Sheesh! Back to the start again…

04:12 (Clip 30) Here I move back out to rocket a Ghost which I'd already missed on approach, but I get sent flying by an incoming blast, as if the Wraith pilot knew where I was about to appear. Bah!

04:16 (Clip 31) Just a nice Banshee tag for you. BOOM!

04:23 (Clip 32) In the cavern I'm pushing across the bridge with Johnson and a few other Marines, but it's touch and go because the Elites and Hunters are still standing. A nearby Hunter blast prompts me to move to shelter and I start shooting at a Shade while there, but my work is rudely interrupted by a sniper round from good ol' Sarge. He's helpful like that sometimes. I was on track for beating my best time too! Grrrr…

04:35 (Clip 33) More trouble on the bridge, with only one health bar left! An Elite goes down and I make a hopeful charge with the rocket launcher, but my rocket lands far away from the second Elite, allowing him to finish me and chuckle at my lifeless body. By the sound of things, Sarge didn't fare much better!

04:45 (Clip 34) One last bridge clip. This time I've managed to get across, though my shield is bleeping. Johnson is on death's doorstep and gets real mad - "Who wants a piece of me?" - putting down the Elite with a timely sniper round as I advance. Nice work Sarge!

04:54 (Clip 35) Here's a nice clip of a couple of red Elites getting things wrong. After whacking the dozy Grunt, I'm spotted and my attempted tag misses. I see an Elite moving for the Ghost - something I'm anticipating - so I tag it. Two grenades go bang, two Elites go flying - and then I begin the mopping up.

05:04 (Clip 36) I really must stop rocketing Ghosts when they're so close, wouldn't you say?

05:09 (Clip 37) Got into a real fix here after doing a good job of tackling the enemies at the tower's front door. The Shade Grunt opened up on me and a Ghost got attracted by all the racket, and there's me with only one health bar and no rockets, and my final plasma misses the Ghost. Not good! Probably my best bet after that was to throw frags, but I went for the medkit and fresh rocket launcher instead - and got cut down as expected. It was always a gamble going to the door when I had such poor health.

05:20 (Clip 38) After clearing the back passage of the tower, I briefly pop my head outside to take care of a Ghost I can hear. Wort wort wort indeed.

05:25 (Clip 39) Here I got rather careless - especially bearing in mind the bleeping shield and tattered health - leaving myself open to get cut down from the side when dealing with a cloaked Elite. I was probably gambling there, trying to make up time.

05:30 (Clip 40) I leap down from the balcony and miss a first tag on the Ghost, but get it with the second. However, it was firing on me and I realize I've foolishly left my flashlight on, making my cloaking useless. I turn it off but not before a pair of Elites open fire. I blast them with a rocket and think I've retrieved the situation nicely, but then the Ghost lands on me. Arrgh! I really should've been paying more attention to that danger.

05:41 (Clip 41) Another touch of comedy here as my rocket misses a Ghost and takes out a friendly instead - though I don't think the Marine found it very funny. However, I do get the Ghost with a tag.

05:50 (Clip 42) Trouble with "Catch this!" again. This clip is from several seconds after the last one, when the Banshee swoops back for an attacking run. I tag it and take out the Shade Grunt, and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. But you hear that light 'tinkle' sound of a frag landing? That was the Marine's grenade landing at the Shade, and I just didn't pick up on it. Next thing I know, I'm going flying. In fact the frag set off a plasma dropped by the Shade Grunt, and that's what got me.

06:01 (Clip 43) In the fifth room - the one after going up in a lift - I whip out my rocket launcher to try and deal with a newly spawned red Elite quick, but as I move out to fire the shot, he's somewhat closer than anticipated! I thought he was going to stay outside. Needless to say, when you get this far through the level and make a silly mistake, it's all the more annoying.

06:10 (Clip 44) I'm in bad trouble on the third bridge here. A little earlier I'd explosively needled a red Elite as he moved in to smack me, but with my back to a wall I couldn't get clear of the bang and was left with only one health bar. I did a good job pressing ahead against more Elites and Grunts (caught a lucky break when a red jumped off the bridge to evade a plasma), but then these cloaked jokers showed up and I was just a bit too gung-ho. Really should've hid to try and recharge, or thrown a quick plasma (though I'm not sure I noticed acquiring them), but I was already well behind on my time so I threw caution to the wind and went for the final Elite. Missed with a charged shot, and it was all over. Drat!

06:23 (Clip 45) You better not underestimate the Grunts and Jackals in this room after the final bridge, or you'll end up like me here. Grunts seem to just keep on coming out of that inner chamber, and in this case I just did a bad job of minimizing the incoming fire. A plucky little fella takes me out with his last few needles.