KSR2 out-takes

(6:36) Mishaps and mayhem from assorted runs for KSR2.

Released October 27th 2012, gameplay recorded October 19th - 24th 2012.


00:02 (Needled too close) With this first mishap I seem to've got a little carried away with the needler. When the first bang went off, I saw that he hadn't been killed so I thought I'd add a few more needles. But somehow I fired rather too many and also I kept advancing. Guess I'd got a bit too gung-ho. Before I knew it, I was practically face to face and waiting for a bang to go off. Instinctively I smacked him on the head to shut him up from growling, but then it was curtains for me.

00:11 (Wrong grenade) Initially I'm needling the first Elite, but then I see the second and give him a dose too. Unfortunately I didn't get enough into the first, but I go for a nifty tag which should be amusing. Except, I'm set for frags! Usually I would've been set for plasmas by this point.

00:20 (Bad throw) As I move to the right in pursuit of the Elite, I throw a quick frag towards the Grunts, but some fool has put one of those purple box thingies in the way. The grenade bounces off and hey presto, I've blown myself up again. Good work huh?

00:26 (Too close to loose plasmas) Initially it looks like things are working out, as the Elite has just been weakened to the point of death by a needle explosion. But in the follow-up I get a touch too close to some loose plasmas.

00:35 (Tagged Elite) If the second Elite hasn't already been killed, you can often do it by moving up behind the stationary shield then popping out to tag him (perhaps waiting a moment for him to turn his back). Here's a nice example.

00:42 (Headshot Marine) After getting the Elite with needles, I switch to the pistol to kill a Grunt. But just as I'm firing, a Marine gets in the way and his cry of "Charge!" is cut tragically short. Oops! Stacker is none too pleased.

00:51 (Too close to loose plasmas again) With one of the far Elites already down, my needles pile into the other one and I also throw a frag towards the Jackals. All quite nice, except that the frag sets off some loose plasmas and I'm too close. I only noticed them too late.

00:58 (Mishap with needled red) Attacking the covies from the side, I send needles into the remaining Elite then back off from the bang. When I see the grenades pop out, it looks safe enough to advance and grab them, but apparently it wasn't.

01:06 (Tagged hiding Elite) The final Elite has taken cover behind the rock, and he doesn't see me as I come around the side. That gives me an easy tag and I'm already heading for the next area as he growls.

01:14 (Double Jackal frag) In this attack at the Jackal rocks, I've already thrown a plasma to the right, then I go to the left. One Jackal gets whacked, and the one on the low rock gets cleared by another plasma. That leaves two on the large rock, making a nice target for a frag when I've hopped up. It's just a variation on the sort of thing I did in KSR2.

01:25 (Double Jackal blast) More fun at the Jackal rocks. I get rid of the high Jackal with pistol fire, and the other two look nicely positioned for a grenade. It lands just behind them and the idiots don't bother reacting. So it's bye-bye to them.

01:38 (Needled Elites) Here's a good example of why I like having a needler for this area. You can often kill both Elites fast, especially if they're already down near the shore as seen here. This was done on a 23:18 run, which remained my best time for some while. My needling of these Elites went less well in KSR2, though I did still do the job.

01:49 (Who's the man?) When I fail to put a Grunt down, he throws a grenade. I dodge it just in time and meanwhile I've thrown one to keep the Elite busy. But in the heat of the moment, I get rather too close to my own grenade. The Grunt cries "Who's the man?" in victory but the game reverted me quick so it's a bit cut off in the movie.

01:58 (Blitz gone wrong) I died a load of times when trying to blitz the main facility, and here's a first example. My first plasma lands way too short to get either of the far Elites, so that's problem number one. My second plasma kills its target so at least that's ok. But my third misses and by now I'm in deep trouble. I make a further mistake by wasting plasma fire on the panicking Grunt, and as you can see, I get killed in a jiffy.

02:14 (In da face) Things have gone wrong again, and although the red Elite runs off to recharge, the Grunt has got awfully trigger-happy. He cuts me down and taunts me with "In da face!"

02:24 (Woo-hoo) Another disaster at the main facility. I'm smacked down by a red Elite who'd initially come out behind me while I was trying to finish off another red. A Grunt cries "Woo-hoo!" in victory.

02:34 (Grunt tags Elite) Here I've backed off from the danger zone. A Grunt yells "Heads up!" and promptly tags the blue Elite on the back. He's killed in the chain reaction. When I see another Grunt heading back indoors, I manage to tag him. I was hoping he'd share it around, but actually I don't think there were any other covies close. I still enjoyed it though.

02:45 (Missed swipe) After stunning one red and killing another with a grenade, I charge in, expecting to be able to finish the job. But after stunning the remaining Elite with another plasma ball I swipe too early and miss. The Elite doesn't miss though.

02:59 (Last two reds killed) Again there are two reds left at the far end. I can't remember why I charged in like this, but it was probably because I had good health and thought one red could be quickly killed. He is quickly killed, but I'm also getting shot in the back. Rather than swivel, I back up, hoping the shooter might take a swipe and miss, letting me finish him off easily. He doesn't at first, but I get around behind him and then he does, and I take him down. Dangerous play, but at least I'm through.

03:10 (Grunt behind the door) I tag the Elite and attack the Grunts in my usual manner, but in the mayhem I hear a cry of "Why me?" at the back, so I know there's a Grunt still to get. When I head down however, I quickly realize he's actually behind the door, an event I've not encountered before. Looking at the footage, you can see that he briefly panicked when the Elite was killed, and must've been a short way into the passage when the door locked. I continued the run anyway; the rules say it's ok to ignore unfair targets.

03:29 (Killed by death shots) Near the start of the path to the interior, my shield is already gone when a red Elite comes down to play. I manage to kill him with rapid plasma fire and a couple of whacks, but his subsequent involuntary shots finish me off. Oops! Should've moved around to the side of him.

03:38 (Zapped by a Grunt) At the start of this clip I'm already in a bad state, with bleeping shield and health almost gone. A Grunt dives to avoid a frag I'd just thrown, and when my plasma ball hits only the rock, he zaps me dead and celebrates.

03:46 (Spitting Grunt) More trouble up the path. I hit the red Elite with a plasma ball and try to follow up with my plasma rifle, but he gets me with fire of his own and a needling Grunt joins in. I get killed by the needles, and the shooter makes a comical spitting sound.

03:58 (Path victory) Just to balance things up a bit, here's a short clip where I pop out from behind a tree and finish off the path troops, including a good firm smack to a panicking needler Grunt.

04:07 (Hunter kill) Emerging from the top of the path, I jump down towards the Hunters and score a nifty kill on one who was showing just a bit of orange. That was done on the 23:18 run I mentioned earlier.

04:12 (Substation death) Here's what can easily happen if you dawdle while heading through the Elites in the security substation. I pause to finish one off with plasma fire and it's not long before I'm dead. You can try some killing along the way, but don't stop!

04:20 (Elite shunt) I've got through the substation ok this time and I get busy with some shooting and grenades. A blast amusingly shunts one of the Elites out of the exit and I finish him off.

04:29 (Jackal foursome killed) This is a variation on the type of approach I later used in KSR2, and actually it's better and faster so I might've done well to stick with it. With a tag and a whack and some plasma fire, I'm through them cleanly without even getting hit.

04:39 (Too casual with Jackals) After removing the shield of the second Jackal, I fail to connect with follow-up fire, and I'm quickly in deep trouble as their collective fire intensifies. I try to salvage the situation with a plasma grenade but it's too late. I was on a good time here, around 30 seconds ahead of my previous best, so I was pretty mad with myself for being too casual with these guys.

04:54 (Jackal whack) Just a bit of comeuppance here, after showing that last clip. I drop down to administer a bit of plasma and finish off with a satisfying whack. Damned if I'm letting those beaky freaks have the last laugh.

05:01 (Critical tag miss) In this clip I miss the critical tag on the Elite in the top room, throwing too low. I've got the rocket launcher ready in case of emergencies and I do at least manage to blast him, but my pistol fire doesn't finish him off (I can't even see him through the dust), and the Grunts closed in viciously.

05:16 (Bad fall) In falling down to the lower level I drift too far forwards, hitting either the very end of the slope or just missing it, and I end up providing a couple of Grunts with what I'm sure they found an amusing sight. Depressing.

05:24 (Bad rocket) This time I land ok but a Grunt raises the alarm. That means the two map room guards will come rushing my way, but I should be able to handle them. Except, I make a right mess of it. I don't switch my flashlight on, so I can't see even see properly, and I fire my rocket too close and too late anyway. I take serious damage from the blast, and Grunt needles finish me off.

05:38 (Shaft fall) After clearing the doorway with a satisfying frag, I throw grenades towards Jackals on the right, then quickly back through the doorway to avoid their fire, but I manoeuvre badly and fall off the ramp. Geez that was annoying. With death looming, I fire one last rocket.

05:55 (Rocketed Jackals) The Jackals that come along this walkway can be a right pain. Aware of how quickly a couple of Jackals can be the end of me, I elect to take decisive action with a rocket placed nicely between them. For good measure you also get to see me rocket the covies across the room. BLAM!

06:02 (Jackals diving off the edge) Jackals have a bit of a tendency to dive off the edge of this area if you send a grenade near them, and here's a nice example. You can see why the first guy might dive off, but the second guy seems well clear of the grenade after his first dive. Nevertheless he dives again - and I can't resist getting the messy impact on film.

06:18 (Killed by the gold) As I tag the gold Elite and try to jump over him, I'm slowed by slightly hitting him because I jumped a little late. He swings his sword faster than I would've liked, and it's curtains for me, killed at the penultimate hurdle when I was on course for beating a previous best time. Arrrgh!

06:24 (Nice gold tag) In KSR2 I successfully tagged the gold but I didn't hop over him very cleanly, and also my flashlight had just run out. So here's a clip with flashlight on, showing things working perfectly, as done on the 23:18 run I mentioned earlier. A suitable ending for the movie I thought.