Level talk-throughs

We've all heard of a level walkthrough of course, for helping relative newcomers. A level talk-through is quite different. It's where one or more people take a mental journey through the level, explaining and discussing their favourite ways of tackling things in single-player (ideally focusing on Legendary), and also talking about other aspects such as cutscenes, level design, how much they like this or that, past experiences good or bad, and so on. Anything of interest really. It's more personal and free-ranging, and chiefly aimed at folk who've played the game a fair bit. It's an idea I had in 2006 and I did a piece with One One Seven on POA not long after, which belatedly launches this new section. More levels to come I hope!

UPDATE (much later): Alas, it seems like level 1 is going to be the only level covered. I ended up concentrating on movie making and neglected to push this series forward. Before I knew it, years had passed; and by now I think I'd be hard pressed to find interested co-authors. Apologies!

  • Level 1: The Pillar of Autumn - with One One Seven
  • Level 2: Halo - PENDING
  • Level 3: The Truth and Reconciliation - PENDING
  • Level 4: The Silent Cartographer - PENDING
  • Level 5: Assault on the Control Room - PENDING
  • Level 6: 343 Guilty Spark - PENDING
  • Level 7: The Library - PENDING
  • Level 8: Two Betrayals - PENDING
  • Level 9: Keyes - PENDING
  • Level 10: The Maw - PENDING