Hunter leading

You can have fun leading the Hunters around in this level. For example, you can lead the ones guarding the security substation out of the chamber and outside, then get them to stumble over the cliff. They should survive the fall. It's novel to see them down on the beach. It's up to you what fun to have after that. One time, I jumped down then lead one of them all the way back to the Marines at the landing zone, to give them something to shoot at. Not sure the guys were too pleased about it though!

Swiped Grunts

If you've left a gaggle of Grunts alive in the landing area (preferably no Elites), try leading a few Hunters over towards them to see Grunts get accidentally swiped by your pursuers. You're best off doing this on Normal, else the Grunts are liable to kill you before you've had much fun.

Stop press: much much later, I've taken the Hunter relocation business a lot further: see Massed Hunters.