Pinging shots off a frozen Hunter

Posted May 31st 2006

Fancy some fun pinging shots off the shield of a frozen Hunter? Here we go.

Setting up

First you need a frozen Hunter. You can get one as follows (it's like I describe in Hunter fireworks). On Normal or higher, enter the main facility and lead one of the two Hunters outdoors. Take him anywhere you like. Leave him standing there by running past him as he takes a final swipe; you'll be so far off by the time he turns around that he won't bother chasing. If you want him to end up facing a particular way before freezing, just make sure you run off that way so he faces you, and don't alter course until you're so far off that he's lost track of you. Return to the main facility. Once you've hit the loading point near the bottom of the first ramp, return to your Hunter and you'll find him strangely frozen.

Let's play 'Ping'

Ok, now for the fun. Send shots of various types pinging off his shield (or protective shoulder patch). Enjoy the visuals and the excellent pinging sound effects. Try different weapons; there's the Warthog's chain-gun too remember. The plasma weapons are the most fun, and together with the needler they give the most appealing sound effects I think (possibly my second favourite in the game, after the needler explosion sound).

Also, see if you can get plasma shots to bounce back quite a long way and whistle past your ears, or even kill you. Most of the shield tends to deflect shots upwards, but I found a 'sweet spot' that worked well on a shield being held quite low, namely the bottom rear triangular protrusion (there are two triangular protrusions above and below the central rectangular strip). Aiming at that spot, I was able to consistently get plasma whistling past my ears from a dozen paces back using the plasma pistol, which is more accurate than the plasma rifle. Fun!