Banshee defence

Associated movies

  • BCM222 - Heroic; High position defence and Banshee defence (6:52)
Uh-oh, Hunter!

Use a Banshee to support your Marines or fight solo. If you want to be defensive you could hover and send in a barrage of plasma. Or you could be more dynamic and aggressive and go swooping around after the enemy. One particular approach to that is to fly around in such a way as to bring the enemy down the spiral path and to pick them off with Banshee blasts as you swoop around in tight curves. Maybe scythe a few down too!

Whoa, there's a mess of 'em!

However you play it though, you need to be wary of getting too close to the enemy. This depends on your difficulty level of course, but on Heroic the Banshee takes damage very fast if you misjudge a flight path and sail into a wall of plasma. For that reason it might be worth setting things up on a lower difficulty level, to allow yourself to get closer to enemies and be more gung-ho. That might be where the best and most spectacular fun lies. Thus far I've only used Heroic, but I'll definitely try things out on Normal sometime.

If you fly in the right areas, your position will trigger the Marines to head up the spiral path, and they'll potentially come under heavy fire if you don't thin out the enemy fast enough. More generally there's a lot to experiment with in terms of where you cause the enemy or Marines to move, and how you then do your attacking.


Let's play lemmings

One fun thing you can do when being aggressive is to fly low along the side of the cliff, causing waves of enemies to dive off the edge in blind panic, which is pretty amusing. I recommend adopting a crazed expression and shouting "Lemmings!" as you swoop along just feet off the ground, but it's not obligatory. You're liable to take some pretty heavy damage in the process though, so don't plan on doing it more than once or twice. Pick the right moment.

Attacking the dropship

Although the dropship can't be damaged, it's fun to attack it, especially when it's heading in or out (see pic). So don't feel silly about giving it some attention!