Cloaked infiltration

And that's just for starters!

Apply the active camouflage, jump into a handy Banshee, and quickly drop yourself off near the top of the spiral path or possibly even beyond, without letting your invisibility get blown. Then move amongst the enemy unseen, tagging them or dropping grenades and sending waves of them flying off the edge or whatever (particularly those nasty Jackals, who really need it), and whacking aliens over the head when you get the chance. You get the general idea, yes? Take out as many as you can.

Before the invisibility wears off, you'd better be sure to get somewhere safe or you could be dead in seconds. From there on, fight as desired. If you've got Marines they'll probably soon be joining you to 'help'. No don't laugh, that's not nice.

To be honest this 'battle plan' feels more like an excuse for a bit of mischief, but I've included it anyway. You might actually have the best fun if you get rid of the Marines first, so enemies don't move around so much.

Dropping off safely

If you're having a problem dropping yourself off without losing your invisibility (lots of enemies around), try dismounting from the Banshee when it's still a way off the ground. Enemy fire tends to continue on the Banshee, and meanwhile you'll be quickly falling clear. You can even aim the Banshee so it'll fall on enemy heads or make them dive. Hee hee!